first grow CFL/soil; mystery strain (not bagseed)

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  1. There are a ton of first grow cfl/soil threads but wth why not. I ordered a 5 pack of feminized indoor mix from nirvana. i'm gonna start out with one and try and clone it if it can make it to the veggy stage. just growing for my own supply so not worried about quantity just sustainability. i will try LST and maybe topping but first things first.

    germ info: i damped some paper towels and folded them and put them inside a plastic ziplock bag with the seed on top of the paper towels and then carefully folded a hoodie over it and placed on my laptops power cord pack thing (gets kinda hot and the hoodie helps protect against light and distributes the heat).

    2nd day of germ and the seed just cracked and i can see the rootip peaking out :hello: i'm gonna let it sit in the bag for a couple more hours and then im placing the seed into a peat pellet that i have resting under a plastic bag (makeshift humidity dome) under a t12 6500k flouro (cfls in the mail). gonna place it root tip down. i'll get some pics of the makeshift germ-dome once i place the seed into it.

    wish me luck.:D
  2. Good luck.

    Post some pics though! :)
  3. well i decided to go ahead and place the seed into the peat pellet. the tip was out of the seed shell and i didnt want and root damage (got a little parinoid maybe)

    what your looking at is the seed on my counter. i tried to get detail of the root coming out. and then the other tow pictures are the peat pellet sitting in a plastic dish with a plastic bag stretched over under a flouro.

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    well it has grown a lot over night but seems like is having trouble stableizing itself to the peat pellet. i moved the plastic bag to get a better [icture and the whole seed twirled around like a drinking straw in a soda cup :( hopefully it will shake the casing off soon and the root will grip the peat :D

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  5. Day 3 since planting and the little guy has stood up and greened up! just waiting for it to shake that damn seed casing off:rolleyes:. does anyone know how long it should take for it to spread it's leaves?:confused:

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    day 4 and its starting to shake its casing off! the stem is a little over 1-1/4" does it seem like it is stretching? the light is about 2/3 inches away from the little guy

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  7. day 5 success! the little gal has spread her first set of leaves!

    however i have two questions
    1. does it look like she's stretching?
    2. the root tip has came through the bottom of the peat pellet, is this ok? i'm worried about root-binding when i transplant. i covered the exposed tip with some soil to protect it from the light. any tips to prevent root binding or anything nasty like that once i transplant?

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  8. yea it looks to be stretching a bit.
    im not sure what root binding is so i can't help ya there.
  9. well i guess i will have to move my light closer. i'll keep it at 3 inches
  10. maybe it would be easier to prop your cup on something ? i know moving lights can be a biatch.
  11. yea thats what i ended up doing. i got the light to about 1 inch from the leaves. i re water when it looks like the peat is dry. is this bad or should i only be watering like once every few days?
  12. because it looks like its dry is not really the best way to tell if it needs water, its best to let it dry out some before watering imo. and the only really for sure way to check is by touch or by the weight if you are comfortable with that.

    also the time you water will vary almost always, its hard to put it on a schedule, many factors like the heat, how close the lights are (heat generating), how large the root mass is, pot size, will make your watering time different, but the most common rule is if its dry down an inch or two from the surface then go ahead and water, my rule is if the planter feels like it did when you first transplanted before you watered it then its time to water... i would go ahead and transplant it too. pay close attention to the weight of your planter after you transplant, and then after you water it and it runs out the bottom and after it is a drip, weigh it again by feel. after a while you can just pick your planter up and know how dry it is. doing it this way imo is the way to go because you are letting most of the soil to dry out before watering again, letting the roots expand to look for water, thus creating a larger root mass, and the effect being after you water your plant will grow like there is no tomorrow.

    Your plant will also give you signs it is thirsty, i normally do the planter test first, but one of the mains signs i notice is the rate in which the leaves grow will decrease, sometimes i wait for this sign before checking the planter if im too damn lazy to bend over and pick it up.

    this shit isnt text book by any means, its really just my way of growing out the little buggers, right/wrong i dont know, but it works for me, but like they say, what works for one person might not the next, so atleast maybe you will get some ideas of a way you can do the grow thing in your own way...goodluck
  13. day 6 . no real noticable changes. i think the leaves have gotten a little bigger but i'm not sure. :rolleyes:
  14. Day 7 its alive!!! and the 2nd set of serrated leaves have arrived!!!

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  15. Day 8. the leaves are a little bigger. iv have transplanted into a 12" pot and a Mg organic choice with perlite mixture. i have my little girl under 4x26w daylight cfls. more lights still coming in the mail.

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  16. day10 :the leaves have gotten bigger. will water in morning.:smoking:
  17. Day 14. I think there are 3 sets of leaves besides the cytldon or whatever. things look good. bad news though there was a power outage last night which lasted for about 8 hours.... 6 hours of which was the plants "night period"so hopefully it wont screw things up. should i give it an extra couple hours of light tonight or just resume like nothing happened?

    I have also added 3x 30w 65k CFLs

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  18. Looking good so far man!!!!! Im pretty sure you can just keep your light cycle the same. If it was only 2 hours without light you will be fine.

  19. thank you! i still need to pick up nutes and start with them pretty soon
  20. day 15 started LST today and watered the whole pot (cept stem) with 4 liters of water. she's slowed down growing a little so hopefully this will give her a nice boost:confused:

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