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  1. Hey guys so i got interested in growing and went to home depot after doing some reasearch on this site and picked up 4 100 watt equivalent cfl light bulbs. I threw two bags seeds into party cups after they germinated (i think one might be headies one is mids). Iv got 1 lamp right over each cup and two other bulbs on the side (ill post some pictures soon because i want input on how to improve my setup).
  2. Lets see those pictures :)

    Do the CFL's have a name ?
    Any idea what lumens they are ?
    What is your soil ?

    Just a few questions people are going to ask to give you sound advice ...
  3. Day 1 and 2

    So after one night of having the lights on the germinated seeds one of the cups has a plant sprouted up out of the soil. It has two kind of circular leaves and then two very very small leave that look more like normal weed leaves. One of the cups however is still struggling, i got a littler impatient and wanted to see what was going on so i moved some of the top soil off it, i hope this didnt damage it! I put plastic wrap over the top of the cup and looks like its doing good at keeping heat and moisture in the cups.

    Over night on night 2 i took the plastic wrap off the cup that was going because it looked like it might be touching it and hurt growth, i woke up this morning and my plant was drooped over to the side. Anyone know why this might be? I put the plastic back on and it almost has popped back upright. Anyone have tips for what to do with a small little plant? Just keep waiting haha?

  4. I have two daylight cfl bulbs. I guess they are 27 watt ones they were pretty cheap at home depot. Anyways each one is 14000 lumens

    I also have 2 bright white cfl bulbs. These are 30 watts each, and 2000 lumnes.

    The soil is just standard miracle grow potting soil, what ever they had at home depot. Is there any specifics about the soil that are very important?
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    Picture 1....this is the plant that has shown solid growth from the get go

    Picture 2...has barley sprouted above the soil but will keep you update on this guy

    Picture my setup 4 cfl bulbs 2 lamps pointing down and 2 just at the sides, any suggestions?

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  6. any suggestions?
  7. Take the wrap off as soon as the seed breaks the surface, don't touch the seedling at all, check the PH of the water your using to water it, and poke holes in the remaining plastic wrap for oxygen until the seed sprouts.
  8. the one straggler seed stoped growing i may have kept the plastic on too long, the other stronger one looks like it is growing but i noticed the leaves have a slight discoloration so i added a little water in hopefully it just needed a little water.

    When do you think i should start adding nutes / what kind?
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    You need to know the PH of the water your giving it. Start giving it ph neutral (6.5) distilled water and see what happens. If there are PH problems your little sprouts will die.
  10. yeah i need to get a ph kit, can you get those at like home depot? Anyways i was also wondering...

    Since i have 2 daylight cool white and 2 of the bright white ones, iv been seeing that the daylight ones are better for veg and the bright white ones are best for flowering. Do you think if i use them both for veg that it would cause any noticeable damage to the plant? I wouldnt think so right?
  11. still havent seen much growth on day 4, also the small leaves look to be slightly discolored. Do you think this is due to the soil or ph level?
  12. Day 5

    The plants looking healthier today, havent changed anything up yet but probably want to get organic soil for when i transplant it.

    The tips of the leaves are burned but it looks like the rest of the leaves will grow green and healthy. Ill keep you updated and pictures tomorrow
  13. Walmart sells them in the aquarium section. Called the API pH test kit, ~$6 for 250 uses. Get that and check the water your giving it, ph should be between 6.3-6.5
  14. Equally, if not more important... check that runoff as well!

  15. Hey, sounds like the PH testing is very important. What do you think the PH should be of the run off water?

    My plant is still only on day 5, so there is not much run off yet because i've been only watering very minimally.
  16. Needs to be very close to 6.5, measure the water your putting in to make sure its 6.5 and your run off should be near 6.5. PH issues cause nutrient lockout which will stunt growth and eventually kill the plant.
  17. Quick update for day 6 of my operation

    The plant seems to be getting healthy again, leaves are going and its looking great...:smoking:
  18. I've noticed that my plant has not had much verticle growth in the past few days, do you guys think this could be a problem? or is it not bad that it isnt stretching out to much at an early stage?
  19. Im bored right now, and not that many people are posting on my journal but i figured for all those who just want to see how a low budget cfl first timer is doing heres a quick update....

    Day 7 (since it sprouted out of the soil)

    New small leaves are coming out towards the center, hopefully they will fully grow out are a few pictures of my little guy

    Could use a little advice as these issues are soon to arise...

    1. When would be the best time to transplant into a bigger container? how big?
    2. When to start giving it nuts? what nutes?

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  20. Looks like we need the same questions answered. haha. looking just like my plant dude. good luck with it, i'll keep an eye out on her ! :wave:

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