First Grow. Cfl Cabinet. Help Is Appreciated:)

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  1. Hey guys it's my first grow so try not to be too harsh lol. I know she looks shabby because the top was accidentally ripped off when I closed the cabinet due to a fan leaf stuck in the door:( but luckily she has been continuing to grow outwards. Any advice at all is appreciated. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. It doesn't look that bad man. Would be cool to see a picture of the whole cabinet, like to see how it is constructed (the intake, exhaust, fans used, etc). Have you used any nutes at all? And how much do you water it? And how many watts of CFL do you have in there? Also, have you looked into topping? You could really increase your yields topping that thing soon.
  3. Ill add more pics tomorrow. But I did use some extended release ferts and she got nitrogen toxicity so I figured I would go natural after the flush and transplant. But explain the topping process, I would love to increase my yield lol
  4. Yeah it looks like it might have too much nitrogen. The yellowing can be a sign of that, or lack of water, im guessing its the nutes used a little early. Topping will turn that top main cola branch into two. See, your plant is going to grow straight up right now with one huge cola on top and the lower branches will all grow smaller colas as they transcend downwards as it is in the plant's DNA to grow straight up towards its energy source. Now, you can train this plant to stay low and fill up your space so your light can hit as much of your plant as possible. There are a bunch of ways to do this. The simplest would be just tying your plant down (bending it over and making it grow sideways. Maybe train it to grow in a circle to fill up your space, then let it grow up as more larger branches will start growing upwards away from you tying it down. You can also "top" your plant. Now I haven't grown in a bout a year so I would feel uncomfortable explaining off the top of my head as I forget the exact process, but it is one of the simplest techniques to do to your plant to increase yield. Just search topping/fimming in the forums. It essentially is just cutting your plant right at one of the nodes essentially stunting your plant and making it grow to main top branches out of the spot you just cut. If you fim, you can even get four branches to spring out of your cut. Now you top your plant, let it grow the main branches upwards again, then top both those branches again and you now have four main cola tops. You can do this quite a few times to even out your canopy and train each branch to take up a separate area of your space so you can fill the whole canopy with even light hitting all. Sorry I kind of rambled on. It can be a lot of fun training your plant every which way to increase your yields as much as possible for tight spaces :). Let me know if you have any more questions. I would have researched topping again to explain better for you but its just before work for me =/.
  5. Thanks alot man! And does this all work during flowering? I just recently switched it to 12-12 and can see the first signs of flowering
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    looking good. i see some watering stress and nutrient stress. you shouldnt have to feed at all at this point in time.
    the proper way to water is like this. soak the soil until it drips a little bit. too much dripping = washing nutrients from the soil, but you want to make most of the the soil is saturated.
    now you wait 2-3 days until the soil is dry and the plant is asking for another drink. wait 2-3 days and repeat.
    how many total watts do you plan to flower under?
  7. Thanks dude! I deff need to work on my watering schedule. And Idk about the nitrogen. This is because earlier I ha some extended release ferts in the soil. She ended up with nitrogen toxicity. But honestly about the watts I have no clue. I don't even pay attention to that now. What's a good number?
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    exactly, that is nitrogen stress.
    50 real watts per plant. im asking becuase we need to figure out when the best time would be to flip for you.
  9. Well I have been at 12-12 for three days now. And I have two cfl bulbs in there. I can check the wattage when I get home from work. But does this really effect it that much? Or can I get decent results under just these bulbs?
  10. You need a minimum of a hundred watts per plants

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  11. So which is it 50 or 100? Lol
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    lets hear the wattage on them. most general cfls are 18-23 watts. if its one plant 2 bulbs will do, but i can link you to some more bulbs at a good price.
  13. Would these bulbs fit in a normal light socket?
  14. Here's a few pics of the pre flowering that is going on :) image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  16. I am already using those bulbs lol Thanks though!
  17. hang as many up as you can when the plant is growing rapidly (after the seedling stage.)
  18. As many as possible? Is it at all possible to give it too much light?
  19. yes, its called light stress/bleaching but that usually occurs with hids.
  20. So not really possible with cfl?

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