First Grow, cfl box, regular potting soil

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    box dimensions: 3ft long, 30 inches high, 1.5 ft wide
    seedlings came through soil Dec 1st 2013 this is the sixth week theyve been vegging (0-2 seedling stage)
    germinated in paper towel inside ziplock bag...when planted i kept them under a bright desklamp.
    there was much stretching so i did lst when there were 4 sets of leaves and replanted some of them after
    first off, i planted too many seeds in each pot four to start, then i kept two seeds in each of the three pots, the other ones didnt get past the initial round leaves after two weeks so i removed them (space was short anyway),
    i had them on 24/0 for a long time then i went to 23/1 to allow the lights to cool, now with added lights, i am tapering down: at around 15 inches high i went to 18/6. 8 am'ish is always when the lights go back on.
    next week they will go to 16/8, then probably flower a week or so after that (i want to repot them in bigger pots and do lst again)
    here you can see the seedlings have sprouted...
    i had the under this 2 ft "light stik" before changing to the 900 lumen 3000k cfls
    i changed to three v split sockets pointing horizontally...
    i decided to have them facing down would be best, and i stacked the pots on books so i can change the individual plants height...
    IMG_0211.JPG IMG_0219.JPG
    IMG_0222.JPG IMG_0231.JPG
    i couldnt find a 12v rated power cord so i used a model train transformer, it can control the speed but overheats once a day usually...theres a 1ft diameter duracraft fan on the bottom for now to help remedy the humidity.
    IMG_0232.JPG IMG_0224.JPG
    tonight before putting them to sleep i cut most of the radial leaves only leaving some at the top of each plant, i want the budsites to grow more, ive been slacjing on repotting them and im sure theyre potbound, the soil is dried to a crisp each day i water it daily to remedy this and spray before lights out
    you may notice a single small tube cfl on the side (13watt 6400k), i have many more of these bulbs rated 9wat 4100k i was thinking of getting the g23 sockets and wiringthem in a row along the sides of the plants...ill be adding mylar when i can go get some and some sort of sucker fan...constructive criticism is much welcome! the bottom tiny leaves have started dyying this mean they are ready to flower? these may be autoflowering plants but i doubt it...only one bulb is 27watts, and for flowering i have a bunch of 2700k spirals, i traded some for 3000k spirlas for vegging, not a huge difference but it cant hurt they are brighter...
    i know the lights are pretty weak but i got a good deal on them...does anyone know where i can buy these sockets ive seen in pics that just plus right into a power cord???? i could definetly use liek six of those ...
    PLEASE COMMENT! what can i improve??

  2. ok so i want to flower my planst now. should i just go straight to 12-12 or give a day or two of darkness? right now lights go off at 230 and on at 930 (seven hour night), maybe i should do nine hour night tonite then next day turbn them off at 930pm therby beginning a day or two of dark necessary?
  3. I don't think a dark period is really necessary. Just lengthen your light cycles to 12/12.

    It may take a few days or longer for your babies to make the switch though. The change in lights doesn't immediately trigger the flowering period..
  4. First off if power cords or lights are over heating you need to make changes before you use them again. You are risking everything to fire. As for the sockets with power cord that you are looking for. They can be found at hardware stores. Have you thought of spending money on t5 lighting. Heck even T8 would be better than cfl. A good t5 can be bought for less than $200 and produce better light than cfl and t8. Plus they use little electricity. LEDs are even better but pricey. Why did you plant multiple seeds on a pot. You are going to stunt the plants development and decrease it's yield. The plants are competing with each other's root system and not going to have enough soil and nutrients. It looks like it's to late to deprecate the root balls, next time place in separate containers.
  5. yeah thanks for the advice guys, kroniclyInsane i did remedy that i moved the control unit outside the box, yes nextime i will use seperate containers, and im looking into better lights T5 seems a good cheaper option...and ye i fucked up planting two in each pot ,now i have them all in one big rectangular container anway u can see one plant has bigger stem and the other next to it is smaller,
    anyway i took many budsites off lately of different sizes (low ones under the canopy) and have them in water in the window, two smaller ones have roots now, so im gonnaplant them soon, can i leave them in the window for a few weeks once planted or put under lights? i used stimroot
    man when i put them into the largest container the three rootballs were massive i couldnt seperate them at all.
  6. yeah theres a wholesaler who sells the g23 sockets i may go get some soon...rona doesnt have them...i like how theyre small the ballasted spiral r pissing me off..too big

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