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  1. I'm in the process of saving up some money to get a six plant drip system and all the nutrients and whatnot and decided to experiment with soil during the wait.
    I have:
    1 42w cfl
    my soil mix is
    4 parts potting soil from the local nursery
    1 cup perlite
    1 cup vermiculite
    1 cup sphagnum peat moss
    *added one cup of worm castings on day 6 and mixed into the soil as well as I could. Also day 7 I watered with some powdered lime to balance the pH. I only have pH papers and it looks alright but I added the lime just to be safe.

    Everything seems to be going fine. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be female. I'm going to switch to a 400w cfl sometime next week.
    Here are some pictures:
    Day 3:

    Day 6:
  2. Looking good man!

    Good luck! :smoking:
  3. Everything is still looking fine even after watering it with the lime (thank goodness). Here's a picture update:
    Day 8:




  4. *UPDATE*
    My house was broken into and my camera and whatnot stolen. At least they missed the grow room. The plant is doing wonderfully. Started watering with Dyna Gro and Dyna Bloom about a week ago and the plant has taken off. I started flowering about 5 days ago and noticed what look like pistils:hello:. The only thing is, they are dark colored pistils already. there are no other plants in the room and my hydro ones are barely past seed leaves. I read that this could be caused by root space issues, which makes sense. Took it out of the 7 quart bucket and put it in the 5 gallon today. Noticed the pistils after transplanting, so hopefully that will straighten out. Pics coming soon. Have to get a new camera:mad:.
  5. Shit, sorry to hear about your break in dude, at least the babies are safe!

    *kicks burglers*

    Keep us posted! :smoking:
  6. Sorry about the absolute shit picture quality, but here's an update on my soil plant.

    This is her on day six of flowering:


    It's shaped strange because I started LST'ing it at first but just took the stuff off the plant after a while so it's straightening back up. Also, the leaves on the bottom have had a sort of ripply feeling and look to them. What could cause this? It started when I had it in the last container, which had the plant in it for a little too long. Oh yeah, I have it on full strength dyna gro/bloom nutrients now, and it seems to love it. Also, when you walk in the room you can smell a nice sweet skunky smell :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. whats your reason for flowering that so early
  8. This plant was just a small project to keep me busy until my bubbler system got here, and a bit of practice with soil. Plus, if it turns out female I'm going to keep it as a mother plant and grow specifically that strain for a while in my bubbler and it can cut a decent amount of time out between harvests. It's bagseed, but the weed it came from was absolutely ridiculous for some mid-grade reefer.
  9. i see, are you going to reveg?
  10. Yeah. hopefully it'll work. i might just clone six and harvest and clone the clones I grow. Might have to make space for my girlfriends possible adventures in soil growing.
  11. oh! i see...nice little plan youve got going if she is a female

    looks good..meant no disrespect with that comment just wondering

  12. your baby looks happy, you could have taken a clone of of her and put that into flower that would have sexed her for ya. clones taken during flower take a long time to revert back, but hey if time isnt an issue your all set... besides every one you grow you learn... good step getting aquinted while your building your system..
    welcome aboard man
  13. That's where I'm lost. I suppose I need to read up a bit more on cloning. I didn't think you could clone until the plant was waaaay bigger. Which parts would you recommend trying to clone, based on the pictures? I might definitely have to do that, as my seedlings in the hydro setup aren't doing so hot right now.
  14. loads of videos on the subject on youtube
  15. I can find plenty on cloning and how to clone, but can I take them off of my plant being as small as it is? I need six clones.
  16. your plant i dont think is too small

    one rule i always go by when pruning or taking clones is dont cut off more than 50% of the leaves and try to balance where you take your cuttings other words if your looking at your plant take two from the right side 2 from the left then once from each

    works for me

    edit: clones usually do better forming roots the less foliage they have to keep alive
  17. you can take her top to get you started, this is sonmthing you will have to learn anyway so the sooner you read up and attempt it the sooner youll dial it in. If you do one successfully now then in another week she will be big enough to do more, not to mention topping her will make the other branches shoot out... more tops that could be clones...
    If you want to take them all at once once fimm her right now, then in a few days she will be full enough for six.. probablt ake about a week or so after you fimm her....

    gluck man... like you said its an experiment, you wont learn any
  18. The only thing about topping and fimming is that the new growth at the top of the plant looks like abou 5 or 6 sets of leaves trying to come out all at once and I can't really get down to the new growth to cut because I'll probably cut the shit out of everything else and end up with leaves wwith brown funny tips like I did with my first attempt at topping.

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