First Grow- CFL- Afghani Hindu Kush

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  1. Whats up GC? It og90szkid0o coming at you with his first grow!
    I will be using the paper towel method to germ my seed. This indoor grow will be under 3-5 20w 6500k CFL bulbs during veg and 3-5 24w 2700k CFL bulbs during flowering.
    The seed will then be grown in miracle grow soil. My set-up is wack but whatever makes it grow i am happy! I would appriate all comments, help, and advice!
    Hope you enjoy my journal! Pictures will be updated about every 3-4 days.

    Germination (06.04.09):
  2. Seed popped open 06.06.09 and was planted the same day!
    My Crappy set-up (Picture taken after seedlinq was planted

    So i decided to name my seedlinq Bam-Bam!
    I was pretty smacked off some piff on the beach and decided to name it that =)
  3. Jusst waitinq on my seedlinqq to sprout. qood time to tell you all bout my situation. well i am currently qrowinq in my friends house with very limited space so thats why my set up is pretty bad thinkinq bout doinq it in mine but juss not yett. so basically ima juss use what i have learned from here and hope to qrow a qreatt planntt!!!!
  4. Seed sprouted!!!!! Day one of my excitinq qrow journal!!!! Happy Birthday to Bam-Bam 06.090.09 !!!

    Seed Sprouted Happy Birthday! (Day 1)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. any comments or advice? feedback is highly appreciated !
  6. She's lookin healthy :) I would move the lights down to within 2 inches or so to prevent stretching, but other thaan that, your setup looks fine. Doesn't it feel great to be a father?
  7. 2"inches with no fan is not suggested,,,
    use the back of your hand to feel the heat, Put your hand at plant level and get the light down until you can barely feel the heat, and get a oscillating fan on her man...
    Makes stems strong..... looking good buddy..;)
  8. Thanks i will be sure to and HELL YEAH it feel great to be onee. thanks for your input!
  9. Thanks bro, i wasnt to sure bout qettinq the fan yeat cusz the breeze in their is insane cusz theres 4 windows juss on the opposite side of the room but i will be sure to take your advice thanks man!
  10. After movinq down the liqhts and addinq a fan sorry no pictures of the fan my phone died right when i was about to take it! But any way heres my Bam-Bam

    Day 3





    Comments anyonee?!?
  11. Thinkinq about my set up for veqqinq even tho its not for a while. So i have a track liqhtinq and i can put two 24w (2700k) in them for the sides to pop corn, but for the top i was thinkinq about two to three 42w (2700k) i can only use CFL's , so if anyone has any advice or suqqested it would be qreatly appriated!
  12. in your initial post you mentioned 3-5 20w 6500k cfls. i would recommend getting those on her during veg if you can..

    wheres the stem at? :eek: thats the least stretched seedling ive ever seen, not that thats a bad thing, just saying.. :smoke:

    your plant looks good though, goodluck..
  13. i ment flowerinqq in the last post by me and i piled alot of dirt around the stem but ima move it today thankss bro and stay smokinqqq =)
  14. well its be four days and my lil one has now qrown another small pair of leaves it lookinqq really nice and i would love for some feedback of any sort!

    Day 4

    My Lights
    New Pair of Leaves
    General Photo
  15. Almost a week old qoinq to take pics toniqht.
    i was worryinq about my waterinq schedule.? any opinions or suqqestions?.
  16. Two week aniversary! Day 14:


    Maybe 1.5- 2 weeks of veqqinq left and then 12/12 liqhtinqq for flowerinqq.
    waitinqq for the plant to qet a little biqqer.
  17. anyyy inputtt?.?
  18. Pics will be updated 02marrow and flowerinq will beqin July 5th! Going shopping tomorrow for some grow supplies.

    3-4 23w 2700k CFL
    1-2 42w 2700k CFL
    Bigger grow pot
    pH indicator
  19. Update
    Day 24:
  20. Juss switched my CFLs to two 26w Warm White for the switch to 12/12 for flowering! well see what happeneds and i also transported into a bigger pot =)

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