first grow, cfl, 60 days in

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  1. whats up gc, first time grower and this site has helped me out so much throughout my grow so far.

    background info: started with 4 plants of bagseed (some gdaddy purp i had this summer). i got very unlucky and 3 of the 4 were males.

    lighting situation: i have 4 30 watt 2700 cfls, 1 40 watt 2700, 2 13 watt 2700, 1 23 watt 2700 and 2 23 watt 6500 lighting my baby.

    vegging and flowering: i vegged for 3-4 weeks and have been flowering for the past 5 weeks.

    nutes: i have been using fox farm big bloom for about 7 weeks and fox farm tiger bloom for about 5 weeks. i water about every 3 days

    soil: using fox farm ocean forest

    ill have some pics up later today
  2. got the camera up and running
    flowering week 5

    pics of whole plant and top buds (i topped the plant 1.5 weeks into veg)

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  3. Very good looking lady you got there man, looks great for your first time, good job.:D
  4. thanks man appreciate it, hoping to get enough yield to last part of the snowboarding season
  5. ok ill guess 1-2 ounces off of her...after its dreid... IMO//
  6. i can only hope, anything more than an ounce is an added bonus
  7. looks real nice man, im doin my 1st to but i think its nute burn that is turnin mine brown if you could check it out.
  8. what up gc, got some new pics of my two babies, they are about 3-4 inches.
    i am also starting to flush with about 2-3 weeks left before harvest.

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  9. You've got at least a month, likely closer to 6 weeks before that is done.
  10. odor is right buddy, dont stop the nutes, they are just starting
    llok for a light leak ot get those light closer.. they are moving really slow
  11. had to move the plant for a bit for a party and just got her back so ill have some pics up soon
  12. havent been on here in a while, had kind of a scare with the lights but got it figured out. decided to go with another 3 weeks or so until harvest. started flushing this week, ill get some pics up tomorrow

    thanks odor for telling me to go longer, i dont know why but it seems as though they are stunted in height, but they are getting thicker, could it be a difference in temp during the 12/12 cycle?
  13. took a while but got some pics
    thinking about two more weeks or so until harvest, and just ended the second week of flushing.
    first two are the two main colas, and the second two are secondary colas

    and for the harvest i am thinking of combining two large rubbermaid bins, hanging the bud from the top on string, and having a ten inch fan on the bottom with a cheap $10 humidifier for about a week, then putting the mason jars in the freezer for a week or two. suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated:).

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  14. harvested today
    made a dry box out of two rubbermaid boxes with a fan.
    buds looking good, biggest bud weighed out to 30 grams, so im thinking around 6 or 7 grams dried.

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  15. 48.5 grams off one plant after drying for 6 days, curing for about two, smokes like a champ, smooth, but gives you an insane energetic/head high.

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  16. *curing for two weeks
  17. Fuck , nice harvest bro K+ keep it growing

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