First Grow Can You Help Me Along??

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  1. First week: Ok so im new to the site and also a newbie Grower!!! :wave: i started my seeds a week ago on the window seal. I germinated them in a paper towel and after the seed cracked and was about a 1" long I planted them in little red party cups.(this took about 3 days) I cracked the window and let the cups sit in the window....3 days after planting i had small sprouts.(from 1 inch to 3 inches tall.) I water about every other day...Is this too much?? I also haven't added any fertilizer to any of the plants....Should I be??

    2nd week: It is currently 12:00pm Monday of my 2nd week of growing. Last night I built a grow box out of a cardboard box. The box is aprox. 20x17x17. I put aluminum foil all over the inside of the box to reflect the light. I bought a small "AirStik" Oscillating fan from Lowes and a 2 pack of Sylvania micro mini "Bright White" CFL Lights. The 2 lights are 3500K a piece, 23 watts (replaces a regular 100w incandescent light), and the light output is 1630. I also had a 18" black light laying around, so i replaced the black light bulb with a 15 watt cool white F15 fluorescent (it rating are 825 lumens, 15w, and color temp of 4100K its also a T8 bulb).

    Once i got all my lights mounted up around the top of my grow box i put the fan in the corner and ran all everything to a time that runs 18 hours on and 6 hours off. I put the box under my bed and im gonna grow there for the time being.

    As this is my first grow PLEASE give me some insight on what i am doing right and what i need to change..... some questions i have that will be approaching soon is

    : when do i need to fertilize? and if so what kinds do you suggest for the first stage of growing??

    : How Often do i need to water these seedlings?

    : Is this 18/6 hours of light appropriate ? I've read where some say 20/4 and others say 24/0. From experience what would you guys recommend?? (these are bag seed i collected over time to use for my first grow)

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  2. this is also a photo of my plants inside the box. Is this a sufficient amount of lighting for my little sprouts? If i need to upgrade to more lights what kind for this stage of growth?? i need something that will fit into a regular household socket, or a 18 inch fluorescent slot.

    Thanks in advance

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