First grow cabinet, help appreciated.

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  1. Hi there, I'm planning on starting my first grow ever soon, and am currently in the process of designing/acquiring pieces for a SCRoG cabinet in hopes of self sufficiency, which would be at least 10 ounces every harvest. I have a few questions and any input is much appreciated!

    First off I was thinking of building the cabinet around 250W Pro-Bloom LED Grow Light | Grow Stealth LED | 3W LED Grow Lights as I want LED due to heat and electricity costs. The coverage area is 2.25' x 3.25' so I was thinking I would build the cabinet to be about 2.5' x 4' to insure that I'm utilizing the light as best I can. Does anyone have any recommendations for a particular LED or does this one seem suited for the task? Is there anything particularly tricky about setting a screen up under these or is the height needed pretty much the same as standard lights?

    My bottom 2' I will split in half and have one half I have allocated as a cloning/mother chamber which I have 2 2' 24W T5s. Will this be adequate space/lighting for a bonsai mom and 6-10 cuttings? Does it need to be much higher than 2'? I was also planning on using the other half of the bottom section (I'll throw up some sketches sooner or later) I was planning on saving as space for nutrient buckets and a pump if I decide to do hydroponics (which I'm heavily considering doing for at least the bonsai mom if it's possible).

    The main chamber I was planning on using the full 2.5'x4' and make it just over another 4' tall. Will this be enough height to get a proper SCRoG going with my light? I'm a little unsure of what the set up will actually look like in this area. I was thinking I would have 8 pots, in hopes of 8 different plants, but that was just a guess towards efficiency, I don't know what the optimal number would be in this size of a cabinet. Would hydroponics be worthwhile in this area or is soil good enough? Will this area provide me with my desired yield? Is there anything I could do to increase the yeild or make anything easier for myself?

    I was also thinking of keeping another 2' or so up top in order to have a drying chamber next to my exhaust/electrical. The dimensions of the box would be about 2.5' x 2.5' x 2'. Would this be enough space to dry a typical harvest or do I need a stand alone drying area? I would really like to have the full process contained within one unit if possible, but I'm willing to make a concession in this area.

    The exhaust and all that other nonsense I'm not too worried about as I think I have a solid airflow planned through my current design, same as the electrical as I'm having a professional do it for me, but any tips here would still be appreciated.

    Anyway thanks for wading through this wall of text. Any recommendations are more than welcome and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

    -Grizzly Beard
  2. Just an Update/bump.
    I have finally started building the cabinet and got most of the frame built today. In building I realized the cabinet is simply far too big, so I have decided to eliminate the top portion which held the drying chamber and electrical. I noticed in the building of my cabinet that I am left with some gaps in the side that could very easily be filled or I could just as easily turn them into a side air vent which at this point I think I will do. I will probably wind up putting most of the electrical in there, but I'll have to talk to my electrician. I will post some pictures tomorrow once I have finished the frame and whatever else I manage to get done, but in the meantime if anyone has any answers to any of my previous questions it would be much appreciated.

    -Grizzly Beard
  3. looks like we are in the same phase of our grows with a few differences. I've acquired and assembled most of it. I am just building the room for it and am trying to decide between either a 2x2 frame or 3/4" PCV frame with panda film walling. What are you building your space with?
  4. My brother in law happened to have a bunch of 2x4's so we wound up using those for the frame. I'm still unsure of what I'm going to use for the walls at this point, most likely just some spruce sheets or something, as one of my main priorities in building this is that it looks like a standard wardrobe so as not to draw attention. But I will be lining the inside with white plastic sheeting in the mother and flowering chambers.
  5. Finished the frame, unfortunately don't have any vehicle big enough to go get the wood sheets, but at the very least the frame is up, it's level and just in need of a good sanding.



    So at this point I'm just waiting on a vehicle. Super excited to finally see it start to come together.
  6. Anyway last picture for today, the frame is done and mostly sanded, and I think we've settled on a white sealed hard board that were going to cover in white plastic to seal off from moisture.

  7. Yeah, I'm building the same thing only with 2x2s. I'm also looking at pond liner to waterproof the bottom in case of leakage.

    It looks like you could easily convert to hyrdo in this space with a flood & drain system. Water pump, reservoir, a tray and grow medium. in fact, this is what I would do and veg/ mother/ clone in another small chamber.
  8. Made a little more progress today and got most of the outer walls and shelves in. Now it needs a torough sanding to make all the last corners flush and then I'll be ready to start the inner walls after the electrical goes. Very satisfying to see it really start to come together.

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    For what it's worth, I really recommend not going with LED. I purchased a 400W unit last year and I ended up replacing it with a cool tube and mih/hps. I took 6oz from 4 thc bomb under the led(first ever grow) and 7 from the others. The led took a full month longer to mature, although the smoke was identical. If you can afford to, stick in a 250 to 400 mih/hps. Now, I am a total noob; I assume you are too. I'm not trying to enter into a "which light is better" debate, I'm certain an experienced led grower could outdo any hps noob. My cab is (internal) 6'x5'x2.5'. I can send you pics if you want.
    P.S. 400W led for sale, €200!
  10. Well as of yet the cabinet itself is essentially done, have the last pieces just waiting for other things to happen before I put them in. I had some monetary setbacks so the project is slowing down a little bit. At the moment I'm just waiting to talk with my electrician to tell them what needs to happen so they can get me a list of materials and a cost estimate. I did also just order some Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush from a website so I can get my mother started and the timing should coincide very nicely for harvesting clones and completion of the flowering chamber.

    This week I plan on building an air filter like Air filter and ventilation for the grow chamber for the flowering chamber. I'm also having some last minute struggles trying to decide what medium to grow these in so I'm as always open to recommendations.
  11. Well done, I wouldn't mind seeing any pics you have of the construction of the cab, how you hung doors, what air sealing etc.

  12. Let us know how well that filter/ scrubber works.

    I've just started myself, but with my research, hydroponics seems to promote the fastest growth and highest yields. My first grow is DWC. Look into flood & drain, drip systems, rDWC in hydroton. They all seem very simple and each has their own benefits. Just chose the right one for you.

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