First Grow: Bubble buckets, multiple strains w/ pics

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  1. So trying out growing for the first time started out with 1 clone of Oreo (Durban Poison x SS) in a 5 gallon DWC bucket in a 5.5 inch net pot under a 5500K, 10,500 lux, 156 watt fluorescent array. I am using advanced nutrients sensigrow, tarantula, sensizym, botanicare zho, sweet, liquid karma, canna rhizotonic and sm-90 I also added AN voodoo juice in the last few days, also I use distilled water. She has been in veg for about 3 weeks now on 24/0, she keeps a bit of nutrient burn but overall is growing like crazy. Here are some pics:
    When I first put her in the ground:
    1-0 hr.jpg
    Day 1:
    2-25 hr.jpg
    Day 2:
    3-49 hr.jpg
    Day 3:
    3-73 hr 2.jpg
    Day 3 again:
    4-73 hr.jpg
    Day 4:
    5-97 hr.jpg
    Day 8: also when I first get my ph and tds meters on day 7 and realize I need distilled b/c my tap is 430ppm and 8 pH, corrected these issues and you can see the plant respond.
    6-8.5 days.jpg
    Day 9:
    7-9.5 days 2.jpg
    Day 9 again:
    7-9.5 days.jpg
  2. Pics ctd:
    A little day 10 root porn:
    8-10.5 days.jpg
    Day 11:
    9-11.5 days.jpg
    Day 12 root porn:
    10-12.5 days 2.jpg
    Day 12:
    10-12.5 days.jpg
    Day 15:
    11-15 days.jpg
    Day 16 I FIMed though you can't really see:
    12-16 days.jpg
    Day 17:
    13-17.5 days.jpg
    Day 19 turning into bush:
    14-19 days.jpg
    Day 20:
    15-20 days.jpg
    Day 21:
    16-21 days.jpg
    Lemme know what you guys think.
  3. So I got a 1000 W HPS and moved the girl under there since I want to free up the other lights for some other projects and I want to start her flowering soon anyway and will as soon as my tent arrives. Here are some more pics to show how she is doing, I cut 10 clones off of her between these two days and 5 more right after the day 21 pic, so here we go:
    Day 25:
    17-25 days.jpg
    Day 25 a little closer:
    18-25 days 2.jpg
    Day 25 root porn couldn't fit it all in one pic:wave:, sorry bout the lighting tho looks kinda bad:(
    19-25 days 3.jpg

    19-25 days 4.jpg

    20-25 days 6.jpg
    Day 26 she seems to have stretched a bit in the last day, must be missing that blue spectrum :bolt::
    21-26 days.jpg

    Hope you guys enjoy.
    22-26 days 2.jpg
  4. So I should probably make this thread actually live up to its name and add another strain, so I am gonna post up some pics of my perplex lady, she had a little trouble at the start as she was about to flower when I got her from the club :eek: and showed signs the next day, but after 3 weeks of 24/0 she seems to be revegging and turning into a serious bush:
    1 day. preflowers that appeared(sorry my cam sucks :mad:)
    1-24 hrs 2.jpg
    1 day:
    1-24 hrs.jpg
    2 day preflowers:
    2-48 hrs 2.jpg
    2 days
    2-48 hrs.jpg
    3 days
    4-96 hrs.jpg
    5 days
    5-5 day.jpg
    5 days
    5-5 days 2.jpg
    a little day 5 root porn, roots already through 5.5" net pot
    5-5days 3.jpg
    6 days
    6-6.5 days.jpg
    7 days
    7-7.5 days.jpg
  5. A few more pics of the perplex lady, she is under the same type of setup as the oreo lady.
    Day 9:
    8-9 days.jpg
    Day 10:
    9-10 days.jpg
    Day 11:
    9-11 days.jpg
    Day 12:
    10-12.5 days.jpg

    More to come soon and I am germinating 6 black nelli(black thai x willie nelson) beans, 3 have broken ground so far, should be some bomb old school sativa, but a pain to flower as based on the parents it looks like it should be in the 13 week+ range, hope its worth it :p, also germinating 3 bag seed and trying to get a chem D clone going.
  6. Awesome start man I really like the picts with the into Iguanas...I am looking for another 1 to replace the one that died after almost having him for 10 years.None of the pet stores around here have them anymore.
  7. Just finished assembling my new 3'x3'x6'6" grow tent:), so will be switching the Oreo to 12/12 today:smoke:, seedlings are coming along nicely 3 of the Black Nelli's have broken ground and one is forming its second set of true leaves already :D and the others have germinated, no germination yet from any of the bagseed :(, will try to post up pics when I get off work.
  8. So finally got a chance to post up some pics:
    Oreo Day 29 pics, got tent and changed to 12/12:

    Oreo Day 30:





  9. Perplex Day 22:



    Black Nelli #1:
    Black Nelli #4:
  10. Awesome man , keep it green bro and thanks for sharing mad K+

  11. Thanks man, doing my best and learning as I go :smoke: hopefully I will get some nice bud out of it as well.

    I had an Iguana growing up and have always liked them and reptiles in general. Sorry to hear about yours dying, that is always rough:(. As far as a new one goes, if you can't find one local I have had good luck with in general and have heard they do a good job of shipping live reptiles if you wanted to try them out.
  12. So I open the tent today just after lights on and what do I see? Preflowers on the Oreo after only its second dark cycle of its life, looks like she was ready to go :D.
  13. Looking great mate... good job..:cool:

  14. Thanks man, checked out your journal, that is one crazy SoG you are gonna have, can't wait to see how it turns out :cool:

  15. Thanks man, an honor to have you check out my journal :hello:, learned alot from your journals, probably gonna try out that bubble cloner soon, since my clones aren't doing as well as I would like with the traditional method.
  16. And a little update from the flower closet:






  17. Dank dank!!!! super subbed
  18. I think I vegged the oreo a bit too much, it is eating my flower room, it is a monster:eek:, pics later.:smoke:
  19. So I just ordered a few seeds from The Attitude seedbank:

    2 autoflowers to fill up extra space outside tent and for the fun of it:

    1-DNA Geneticss- 60 Day Wonder fem
    1-Green House Seeds-Green-O-Matics fem

    fun sativas:
    10-seedman seeds original haze reg
    1-World of seeds landraces Brazil Amazonia fem

    Free Seeds :D:
    1-Magus Genetics Exile fem
    1-DNA Genetics Rocklock fem

    Will try to post up some oreo and perplex pics when I get off work, the oreo is taking over the tent!!!:eek:
  20. Wow man looks awesome! Mine is at about day 30 now. How do i know when to start 12/12 though to flower? What are the signs? Any info would help. Keep up the green work! :hello:

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