First grow breakdown with pics. advice/comments appreciated.

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  1. This is my first grow. Its not anything professional or expensive. I recently got my medical recommendation for marijuana consumption and decided to get into the growing game. The setup is intended for 2 plants but one died because a friend (who grows) took care of it for a day while we got set up and it did not get the attention it needed. I am growing clones bought from a legal dispensary, the survivor is a MrNiceGuy clone (you can already see purple on the stem)

    I just plotted the clone yesterday in a healthy condition in a soil, compost, perlite mix purchased from a local hydro store.

    also purchased from the hydro store is the main light fixture seen in the pictures. It is a 125w cfl. In addition I have also set up three desk lamps with 23w cfl bulbs for more light. One desk lamp has a higher wattage but I forget how many.

    The clone was watered after being plotted and seemed to be in a healthy condition. However last night before going to sleep I noticed the leaves becoming a little droopy. This morning the leaves' condition had digressed even further. I did not plan on watering the plant for a day or so so the roots would grow out a little bit. However thinking the plant might have been under watered I gave it some more aqua. Not too long after that the plant responded to the extra water very well. It became less droopy and the leaves began to fan outwards more. After that i got a little excited and gave the plant a bit more water. After the second watering I gave the plant some time and then returned to check on the condition. The leaves were drooping a bit more at this point but not as bad as they were when I first woke up.

    In the pictures the leaves look a bit more yellow then they do in real life. The discoloration is mainly just darker and brighter green. Does anyone have a diagnosis on whether this could be over/under watering or something else???????

    I do not have any nutrients to add at this point, I should get some but I am a starving college student who cannot afford any at the moment.

    I plan to get another clone soon as well. Beyond that I don't have any direct questions. If anyone has any comments or advice on my setup or plant health I would be more then appreciative for the help. If there is anything I left out or if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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  2. light looks too close, leaves are droopy like overwater/heat stress.
  3. Looks hungry to me..........

  4. I moved the light a few more inches away from the plant. I just thought that cfl lights were supposed to be kept as close as possible without your hand getting warm under them? but i could be wrong.

    thanks for the tip though


    hungry for water or nutrients?
  5. how much did you invest in seeds?

  6. I just bought clones and saved myself some trouble. I paid 13$ for the clone.
  7. I keep my 8 light T5 right on top of my clones (once rooted)........they love the rays. 1-2" seems to be the sweet spot for my girls. That is one of the nice things about fluoros.....not as much heat generated as HID's.

    The t5's will burn the tops however, if you let them grow into the lamp. You need to be vigilant, and raise the fixture as the plant grows.

    Nutrients..........thirsty is for water, hungry is for food:D A 1/4 to 1/2 strength feeding wouldn't hurt them, especially if they haven't been fed since you got them. Clones come from more mature, adult plants and can handle food sooner than seedlings. Just start off slow and see how the color of the plant does........with a feeding, it should go from the lime green to a darker green in a few days.
  8. BTW....Welcome to GC..........and props on living in S.B............nice country down there ......used to surf all over SoCal back in the day.
  9. What kind of soil mix is are you using? Most have fert's mixed in that are good for at least three or four weeks. Backing that light off should help. What is the compost you mixed in, just stuff in a bag from the store? You said your friend, (and even mentioned that HE grows) watched it for a single day and killed it? If you are taking any advise from him, I would stop. I can't imagine how you would kill a plant in one day. Do you know how it died? Do you know if he did anything to the plant you are still trying to grow?

  10. For sure, ill pick up some nutrients today and feed them. Any particular brand of nutrients you would recommend?

    and how long should it take clone to root?
  11. Is your clone rooted already, or do they just sell cuttings at your dispensary?

  12. thanks, and SB is tight, I go to UCSB and live right on the beach pretty much, don't surf myself though.

    I am using "roots organic" it is a sail mix bought from the hydro store. All the compost and whatnot is already mixed in. And my friend is a n00b like I am. He didn't plot the clone he just left it the way i got it from the club with no water or anything, I needed time to set up completely. He didn't harm my plant, I think it was just the lack of water and sufficient conditions that killed it. And I don't really take advice from him, Thats why I am asking on a GC thread. You guys and girls are more helpful
  13. Why would he pay 13$ for a cutting that wasn't rooted? I don't think they sell them like that. They shouldn't need any nutes yet! I don't think that is going to help the problem. That guy's bulb's may not have burned his plants being really close, but you have one large (for a cfl) bulb. That thing is gonna give off some heat, you are not going to be able to keep it within just a few inches of the tops.
  14. Sorry those posts might have come off a bit rude.

  15. It was sold as a clone so I assume it was rooted somewhat. I meant how long do you think it will take for the roots to expand and grow into the soil and pot?
  16. It should be a matter of days.

  17. how far from the top would you suggest?
  18. At least six inches. I hav never used a cfl that large before, but with smaller one's I use to veg I don't go closer than two or three, so I figure one that size should be at least double the distance. Don't feed your plant man, I promise that will not help. How long has it been in the pot for?

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