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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr.Greenbuds, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hello to all first off. This is my first post other than my introduction on the "welcome" page and it contains some opening questions on building a grow box. Here's a bit of info first of all on what I plan on doing and any input will be greatly appreciated...

    I am planning on building a grow box with the following dimensions: 2' 6"w x 2'd x (either 4' or 5'h). I guess that is technically my first set of questions;

    1. How tall should I build it and do these dimensions sound ok?

    Secondly, I am planning on using CFL's (wish I could use HPS & MH but the size of the box as well as $ are an issue) which I have read will work. I purchased 8 100w CFL's (n:vision brand from Home Depot), now here's the thing... n:vision make 3 different spectrum CFL; soft white, bright white & day light. I bought 4 of the soft white and 4 of the day light thinking that these would simulate the spectrum of HPS and MH the best.

    2.Was this a correct assumption?

    3.If not which ones should I go with?

    The day light bulbs actually use 27w and put out 1400 lumens each and the soft white use 23w and put out 1600 lumens each just fyi. I will be painting the inside of the box white.

    4.Should I also use mylar? Or will the white paint be enough for what I am planning?

    I'm pretty sure I have enough light (maybe too much?) for two plants and so here are my next set of questions:

    Ventilation.... I plan on purchasing a computer cooling fan to be used as an exhaust fan on the top of the box with 3 fresh air holes close to the bottom of the box. One on each side and one on the back.

    5.Are 3 fresh air holes enough or too much? Is one exhaust fan enough for a box this size? What size fan(s) should I get? And finally... how should I wire the fan(s) to run 24 hours?

    SOOOO... that is pretty much it for now. I have many other questions but will ask those when the time is right. Thanks in advance!:D
  2. After taking the inititive and reading other posts I found all the answers to my questions... :D

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