First grow box light proofing question.

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  1. hey guys

    so I have a small box in my closet that I am about to put into flower and I have a few questions about light proofing it.

    as you can see from the attached photos light is able to bleed through the white paint inside of it. this has not been a problem during my 24 hour vegetative time but I'm a little worried when I put my plants into flower.

    I would like to keep my 12 hours of light during night time in my 12 hours during daytime (for proper temps) but I'm worried that some ambient ligh to bleed through the box. the box will be behind a mostly closed door and have no direct sunlight on it. You can see how much I plan on keeping the door closed.

    There is a window to the right of the door you can't see in the picture. also right now I have no light proofing over the exhaust pc fan at the end of the closet but I can create something if I need to.

    What do you guys think?

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    If you get some exhaust piping like for vents and air ducts, you can use that and just put two 90 degree angles in it to keep light from going in or out
  3. that's exactly what I have been using for my intakes.

    I am more worried about light coming through the box itself and stressing the plant.
  4. You could line it with orca grow film, that stuff is completely light proof
  5. need better pictures, for better advice.
  6. Okay I will take better photos tonight when I get home.
  7. You can also paint another layer on the inside. I used a couple cans of flat white on the inside of my box

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