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    bought this box on ebay and it wasnt working. rewired the fan and lights. bought new lights a timer and a digital thermometer. are the light bulbs righht and is there anything else i need besides a carbon filter and a ph tester? do i need another fan? thanks

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  2. id go with more powerfull lights , 1 fan is enough (make sure its sucking the air outside !
  3. If your buying lights, id use at least 125watt depending on how many plants your going to do go to they do reasonable priced bulbs starting from around £15.00
    Good luck
  4. How u gettin on op??
  5. added another fan with carbon filter. seeds should be in any day!! need to buy fertilizer. i guess im going to have to get new lights. can someone tell me what i need, looking to grow 2 or 3 plants depending on what i can fit in this box. rather not order online
  6. What seeds you running next? 2lori im ordering from the attitude, one BLZ bud (named after the devil lol) one bubblecheese and one honey b all look/sound mindblowing!! Peace
  7. Those lights will work, but they will grow slower. Rule of thumb is 100 actual watts per plant, and 50 addtional watts per extra plant.


    hope this helped!
  8. Not only will it grow slower, but can also increase stretching...which is something a micro grower does not want. :smoke:

  9. just got my order in from attitude!! i got snow rider cause i heard is is short and easy for a first grow but my oder also came with 4 free seeds.

    thanks for the info on the lights...the ones i dont have in a box any more are 100 says 26 casue that is the amount of power they use. for now i have 2 germinated bag seeds to test the box out cause i will be going on vacation in 10 days so i didnt want to plant my good seeds. will be upgrading lights in future.
  10. have 4 bag seeds planted. one is about to break the surface. have timer set to 18/6 but i might try to just go 12/12 just to mess around before i use my good seeds.

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  11. made my day :hello:

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