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  1. I attached a drawing of the basic design for my first growbox. I live in an apartment with one roommate who wouldn't be down with the situation, so smell is a big concern for me. I tried to show in the drawing that every wall (including floor and ceiling) will have a false-wall compartment with about 1/8”-1/4” of activated carbon. There will also be a couple layers of heavy-duty plastic on the inside of each wall, and every corner and crack will be filled with silicone caulk. That being said, I have a couple questions.

    With those dimensions, will I have enough room to grow one or two healthy White Widow plants? I've read that their max height is supposed to be about two feet, but I've also read plenty of posts from people saying that they got much bigger. I was planning on cutting and bending to make shorter, bushier plants, but I'm not sure if there's enough width and length to the growbox (1'3” wide x 3'1” long).

    With the walls all having been filled with carbon, an activated carbon filter running at all times, and an airtight seal on the compartment, will I have to worry about smell at all with two flowering white widows? Activated carbon isn't that expensive and I have no problem with overkill (as long as I'm protected), so I could always add more if needed. I will also be using the compartment to dry the herb after harvest. Will the box be ‘smell-proof' enough for drying as well?

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  2. If you live in an apartment with someone who isn't cool with it then you are not in a situation where you should grow. You need to wait until you have your own, secure place.
  3. That's not what I asked--unless you mean I WILL have odor problems that he'll smell.
  4. Way to be rude...where is the dislike button
  5. Wasn't trying to be rude. I understand most of my risks--just need some professional/experienced opinion on odor control.
  6. Growing MJ plants don't just smell, they reek. It's a deep, pungent, sticky odor that can penetrate walls. It will be unfazed by your plastic lining. Your roommate will know.

    Odors can be controlled, but only but a dedicated setup that requires powerful fans running all the time. So if it doesn't smell then it's noisy, and if it's not noisy then it smells.

    Don't push your luck to try to grow where you aren't secure. You aren't.
  7. I'm really not risking 'getting caught.' If he found out, he'd just make me throw it out or he'd move out--he wouldn't turn me in (obviously something I'd like to avoid while still getting to grow).

    I realize that weed reeks, especially with a big or open grow--that's exactly why I plan on putting so much time and money into this design. That being said, I still have a hard time believing that just one or two plants (at about 2' apiece) would give off much of a smell when grown inside an airtight container where each wall is [wood--plastic--{1/4" of carbon pellets}--plastic--wood] and a legit activated carbon filter on at all times. I'm not trying to just argue your point toastybiz, I'm just trying to validate my assurance that this setup will work. With all the research I've done on odor control, carbon filters, and blogs about both, I figured a setup like this would be pretty effective. I also realize some things just have to be experienced--which is why I'm asking on here. Thanks for more detail toastybiz...anyone have any more hopeful answers for me? lol
  8. And sound actually isn't an issue. I can have my big window a/c (summer) or a big fan on (winter) at all times to bury the noise. My a/c's pretty damn loud too
  9. I know you are. And I'm just trying to tell you that your roommate will find out. And if he's not cool with it then you shouldn't do it. Whether it's what you want to hear or not doesn't change anything.
  10. It's obvious toastybiz doesn't have faith. Any other opinions?
  11. Yeah....don't do it without his or her permission...lame seeing as how you guys should be splitting the electricity bill and that means your stealing....lame
  12. I already told him I'm going to have a gaming computer running (but it won't be) to account for electricity. We're splitting the bill closer to 75-25. I'm not a dick--just wanna discretely grow some herb. Once again, not trying to be a dick, but I'd really rather have answers to the questions I originally asked. Anyone feeling like being helpful?
  13. Well I have only heard this once but a girl I knew had no filters or anything because her ventilation out of the house worked just fine but u would need to run it out somehow without him or her knowing.
  14. No offense, but they're only trying to help. You seem really keen about trying to keep this from your roommate, which makes me believe, ur roommate is an ass about these things and he'll kick you out of ur apt (not worth it imo) or ur "roommates" are ur parents..

    Either way, if ur trying really hard to keep it a secret, its not worth doing. I would suggest planting outdoors instead.
  15. Don't cocetrate on the negativity. I think the false wall thing might be a little out of the way. A high powered fan and a carbon filter will surely get the job done. I've seen grows that haven't smelled at all. And constructing your own grow box may seem easy at first, but my simple 4x2x2 box took me about 5 hours to fully construct. Make sure you make it completely air/light tight and have very good insulation. You could go the easy route and buy a mylar tent, they are perfect having a good carbon filter.
  16. It's really a lost cause, he's either going to do it, or he isn't going to do it regardless of what anyone says.

    What everyone else is saying here, They won't help you con your roommate.\

    Research outdoor growing, it's more safe and convenient for you, also it cost less. Just takes more work.
  17. Growman: I wouldn't need to do that if I had the carbon filter though, right?

    Shug_knight: It's just one guy. I don't think I was clear enough on the situation--he's the type of person that wouldn't care if he never knew while I was growing, but found out afterwards. He just wouldn't want to be a contributing party by knowing about it. And if he found out about it, it would just be an ultimatum--either he goes or the herb goes. In which case, the herb would go because I wouldn't want to screw this guy over. So, just to be clear, IN NO WAY AM I SCREWING THIS KID lol

    Hawaiian Haze: I'm actually a carpenter by profession, so constructing it is the least of my worries. Thanks for the tip though--been browsin mylar tents all day--you may have changed my mind.

    Thanks a lot you three!
  18. Anyone have any advice about my first question pertaining to plant size?

  19. I'm with Toasty on this, you and the plants don't want the hassle


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