First Grow Box. All CFL. Bag seed and B52

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  1. I bought the box off ebay. The whole setup, including lights and soil, was about 400-450.

    I have a 150w CFL 6500 for the top light and 6 42W CFL 6500 for the sides. 3 each side. I will have a total of 402W actual wattage.

    The plants are about 3 days from breaking the soil, so I did not bother with more detailed pics. These two are bagseed. I am going to make mistakes with this and then start the B52 for the second round.

    For flowering I am making a fixture I saw on the forums. I will have 2 42w 2700 CFL on each side and on top I will have two power strips with 8 42w CFL 2700.

    I am a noob, but I am def doing LST and am trying to see if a SCROG would work in the small space.

    Once they get moving I will put more detail designs and pics up. this is just a start.

    Let me know what you think and make a prediction via the poll.

    FF soil and nutris being used throughout.
  2. looks like you are well on your way... i like seeing you use alot of cfl. most people i see growing the first time seem to never use enough light.
  3. Thanks man.

    Here are some better pics.
  4. what kind of ventilation does your box have? light schedule?
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    For ventilation I have two 3" intake holes on the bottom of the box and 2 3" 20-40CFM computer fans on the top.

    The box is 24"X24"X48" so the two fans should be plenty. Currently I run about 75-80 in the box with the door closed. I hope when the plants get larger heat is not a bigger issue.

    I will post more pics this weekend. I am letting the girls get a little bigger first.

    I started two B52 seeds for germ today. should be up by the weekend.

    Light schedule right now is 20/4. I hear 18/6 is better, but I have had friends do 24 on and had no issues with non auto bagseed.

    any thoughts on the light schedule?
  6. So i have about 5-6 days of growth. 3 since breaking the soil.

    Sorry for the crappy phone pics. I will get better ones this weekend.

    anyone know whats wrong with the droppy one?

    heat is good 75-80. they don't need water. too young for nutris. so why does it look so bad?
    the other one is killing it, but with such fast growth it is probably a male:mad:.

    the two B52 seeds haven't popped yet, but this is only day 2 since I put the seeds in the soil.

    any thoughts?

  7. I hope that smell will not be an issue with this grow! Take it from me, computer fans will not be able to push or pull air through a scrubber. I am just now wrapping up my first grow - and in it, I was using 2 120 cfm computer fans in tandem (see attached). This set up was powerful! I could knock over a solo cup from 10 feet away, but when I tried to add a make-shift scrubber (1 layer of 1/8" thick carbon filter material) the temps would shoot up in the box!


    Just something to think about! Good luck w/ the grow and big ups for using cfl!
  8. smell isn't an issue. I own my home and no one will come knocking. If I feel it is an issue I can set up a scrubber with a diff fan when the smell kicks in.

    thanks, I think if you use enough CFLs it is fine; especially if space and heat are an issue, which they are for me.

    more updates coming...
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    More Pics.

    it has been about 36 hrs since the last ones.

    this is day four and a half above the soil

    they are looking good I think. I am a little concerned about the leaf droop on one and what looks like leaf twisting on the other.

    I have not given nutris yet, b/c they are in FF happy frog potting soil. Should feed them for at least the first week to two weeks.

    let me know your thoughts.

    these are still the bag seed. waiting on the B52 to pop out of the soil.
  10. THE B52 up, day one for them.

    The bag seed is on day 5.

    things look good, except the B52 on the right...I hope it straightens out.

    the Bagseed in the back is less droopy.

    Should I be concerned if the new set of leaves is a little purple on the tips? the first big set of leaves are fine.

    No nutes yet. just water. 24/0 light.

    Check em out.
  11. forgot one pic
  12. NEW GROTHW!!!:hello: maybe it is early excitement, but I think they look great.

    I am still concerned about the droppy bigger one, but there is no discoloration, so...

    the B52's are just starting to show those first two leaves, they are day 2.

    the bag seed are day 6.

    please offer suggestions or critiques
  13. Things are looking pretty good. The big ones are green on top but one is purplish underneath and the leaves have curled up at the sides.

    I watered this morning after these pics and the curling went down btu the coloring is still there. I have a post in the sick plans and am getting a digital ph meter tomorrow. I will feed the bigger ones 1/4 dose ntris next watering. I am using FF Grow Big.

    let me know what you all think
  14. So it has been a little bit since I posted.

    I ran into a ph and temp problem. But I have corrected them as of today. so hopefully i don't get anymore stunted groth, or other issues as a result of those.

    I am transplanting the bigger ones this weekend. it will be two weeks for them and I think a transplant will do them well. the little ones are coing a long nice. but again the ph problem stunted one of them.
  15. Two days later. the healthiest one is starting to stretch.

    The B 52 is wierd, one is coming on strong. I think the other got stunted by the Ph and Heat problem.

    I was runnign ph about 7.2 and heat at like 89. But now it is all fixed. 75-82 heat. 6.8 ph. and I think they are responding well. Still 24/0, but I have timers and will switch to 18/6 in one more week.

    I recommend anyone to post in the sick plants forum. Very helpful.

    Any thoughts on topping vs. Lsting? If i top I kind of have to jury rig a scrog in there, which would be fun, but could not work/suck. Also, LSTing I think is a little more work.

    So, I still have not given any nutris. the bigger ones are two weeks this saturday. I am transplanting on sunday. Very excited to see how the go after the fresh soil. I will start 1/4 dose FF Big Grow or Grow Big I can never remember.

    The little B 52's are one week. so I might wait a few more days even a week for them.

    The Bag seed looks like an indica. I am interested to see how it looks when it is not flattened and seedy in a bag.

    Anyways, enjoy the picks and any suggestions are welcome.
  16. Guess my grow is not that popular, but at leats it is a nice way to watch progress.

    I switched the bag seed to new pots 2 days ago. they took off so I started lst. they over came all intitial issues. I had ph, heat, adn when i transplanted they were root bound so I was looking at some nut def as well.

    but now I got 4.7 gallon pots, with FF happy frog. should buy me a week before I start nutris. Grow BIgg FF.

    I am going to veg and lst for another 2 weeks.

    the last week before 12/12 I am going to do 18/6 to get a bigger root structure for the flowers. (found that little gem on GC)

    any critiques on the LST?

    the B 52 is coming along nicely. been four days since last post. they are much better spaced than the bagseed. you can def see the breeding in them, i am pumped.:hello:
    Bagseed is 16 days, just lsted
    B 52 is 11 days. Just transplanted
    enjoy the pics
  17. looking good man keep it up! you'll get a lot more hits once it starts to flower lol people love to see some bud porn! but i like the 400+ watts of ACTUAL CFL. once i get my plants back they will be under 300+ actual cfl for two plants so i'm hoping i'll see some decent yeild :)
  18. Your box is the same dimensions as mine, are you planning on growing all four in that box? I was worried that 2ftx2ftx4ft would only be able to handle one plant. I'm gonna be watching this journal for sure as you are about 3-4 weeks ahead of me! Plants look great btw.:D
  19. Thanks guys.

    Man if all 4 are female that'll be crazy, btu I was always planning on two matureplants and just dealing if I get more.

    Unfortunately, one of them has TMV (tobacco mosaic virus or a variant of it) I think two others are infected as well, but to a much lesser degree.

    Really sucks b/c I don't really have the option of starting over.
    1) I don't want to lose 3-4 weeks of growing time
    2) even if I pull them all out clean everything and start over, TMV could come right back. I can't buy all new equip...not an option.

    So I am stuck, just make the best of a bad situation and hope I can get at least 50% of a healthy plant yeild. MAN THIS SUCKS:mad:!!!!

    I am hopeful though, b/c on other journals where TMV was an issue the yield still looked decent. we'll see. I am jus thoping it is not the aggressive a strain of the virus, b/c the plants still look great.

    really really diappointed I didn't learn about this before...had I known I would never have rolled splifs during the grow time. so i am posting all over trying to get the word out. TMV is a bitch!!!

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