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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Westell, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. First grow here and im contemplating running two seperate grow boxes for veg and flowering. I want to keep the electricity change to a minimum so i was thinking 3 30-45 watt CFLs in the veg box and 4 in the flowering box; i want to keep 6 plants vegging at all times waiting to replace the 2-3 flowering plants. Does this plan seem viable?

    From what i understand the veg box wont be smelling that much and its size will be smaller so i will be able to keep air moving with a few small computer fans correct?

    In the second box i plan to modify one of those stanley blower machines into a vacumm with carbon filter which should provide a good amount of circulation as well as eleminate smell. On average i belive there is about 3.5 feet of headspace and the box will be around 4 feet wide...will this hold 3 plants?

    More questions to come about my soil mix just trying to get on the right path.
  2. you need 100 actual watts minimum for your first plant and 50 for each plant after that...

    CFL's are cheap to purchase and cheap to run... spend the money and do it right... or just grow one awesome plant
  3. That's exactly what I'm planning. Germinate one feminized seed, clone it and keep a mother, then LST the fuck out of it. I'm looking at about a 3'x4' space with about 4' of height, so I'm hoping to fill as much of that as possible with a sticky stinky bush.

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