First Grow BlueBerry and OG Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by wireless, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Set up is 1000 watt HPS lumatek light. Fox Farms Under the Sea soil. I did them in rows so that it goes OG kush, Blueberry, OG kush then Blueberry. It has fans that you can't see and I am putting up myler very soon. Plants are about 4 inches each and are 13 days old. All females, they are clones. It may not look like the light is directly over but it is.

    Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know, thanks a bunch.

  2. lookin solid that your attic...looks like heat could mabee become a is the ventelation?

    on another note, you should mabee set up a couple fans to gently blow over them building some strong stems....good luck with your grow
  3. I do have a fan blowing on them you just can't see it. The temp in there is 70-74 at night at 70-82 during the day. Humidity is perfect and I have an airpump thats pumping in fresh air into the room, also the attic is contected to my closet so I have the closet door opened which has tons of fresh air from my room.
  4. Update: The room got to almost 94 degrees the other day! So we fixed it by opening a window and blowing cool air in. Now it stays at around 76 degrees but one plant that was wilting TERRIBLY doesn't seem like its going to make it :/ . I plan on making 2 clones from each plants so I have 30 clones soon. Ill get you some pics saturday so you can see how far its gone in a week.
  5. lookin good man, but where'd you get your og? do you know who's og kush it actually is? the real og is expensive as fuck
  6. looks good man. pullin up a seat.
  7. I think the stretching may be due to low light levels.
    Low BLUE light levels.
    Blue light is good for vegging. Red light is good for flowering.
    I've grown MJ from seed under 108W of fluros looking just a big as your clones.
    See my 3rd grow in my signature to see what I mean.
    Did you consider MH or fluros for vegging?

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