FIRST GROW: Blue Cheese, Kushberry, Roadrunner 250wmh/hps + UFO LED

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  1. Hey GC! after about a month of reading books and posts i have decided to do my first ever stealth grow. I ordered seeds a while back, 3 blue cheese from barney's and DNA's kushberry. I had a 100% germination rate for all, and the road runner auto flower is a bonus im going to try as well. I bought a 250w hps with a mh conversion bulb, and a 90w ufo. im using both of them together, to see what i can produce. its been about a week now, with little problems. Heat began to become an issue, so i installed a ventilation system that vents out the roof. Some fungus gnats are apparent and i have been treating the soil with a diluded amount. I bought all of earth juice's nurtients, and indoor organic potting soil, along with some non fertilized perlite. Ive been watering with distilled water, because i ran out of calibration fluid for my ph tester, so i figured id be safe with that for another week or so. Please, any comments, suggestions or whatever would help out alot, as i owe a big thanks to GC and all its members!

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  2. Those photos are from day 6. any recommendations on when to transplant?
  3. any ideas? im planning on transplanting when the third leaf set is soilid and the fourth is showing.

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