First Grow (Balcony)

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  1. I never posted these while they were growing because I really wasn't sure how well they would turn out, I am actually pretty content with their progress and learned a lot for the next time. You will notice one of them is weird, she was like that from the beginning and I kept her out of love and curiosity since my bud kept trying to get me to just kill her. If you guys have any ideas, I'd be glad to hear it! Overall there were no major issues, no pests, never water-stressed, never noticeable nutrient surplus/deficiency and only did basic pruning/bending to keep it below railing height.

    Strain: Unkown
    Soil: Promix Mycorrhizae
    Water: Tap water, PH 6.8
    Fertilizer: Schultz Tomato Fertilizer, 18/10/30
    Grow Time: May 17th 2017- TBA
    Sunlight: East Facing

    Let me know what you think of this beginner grow!

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