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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by draco44414, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. hey guys im attempting to grow some bagseeds i found a while ago without any experience so any help would be apreciated.
     the seeds are kind of dark and they are hard so i think they are good.
    im just using regular soil from outside inside plastic cups. i put the seeds in the cup about half inch then covered them and waterd them. i did this yesterday and sence then they have not seen much light. i have been keeping them moist, everytime i see the soil drying i add a bit of water. 
    I havnt seen any progress at all so just looking for help or tips not lookin for any quality for my first time trying just trying.
    i have a light to but not sure if i should put the seed under it or not and if so for how long
    thanks  :smoking:   :hippie:

  2. Was the weed of good quality that you can remember?
    How old are the seeds?
    You might have wanted to germinate the seeds before you planted them.
    Dont put it under any light until you seed the seed emerge from the soil.

    Happy Growin:)
  3. its 2 different strains. not to sure what kind tho. some of the seeds are a week or two old sence i got them and some of them are quite a bit older, and thats just the time that iv had them.
    should it matter if they were under light already?

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