First Grow -Bagseeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by draco44414, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. hey guys im attempting to grow some bagseeds i found a while ago without any experience so any help would be apreciated.
     the seeds are kind of dark and they are hard so i think they are good.
    im just using regular soil from outside inside plastic cups. i put the seeds in the cup about half inch then covered them and waterd them. i did this yesterday and sence then they have not seen much light. i have been keeping them moist, everytime i see the soil drying i add a bit of water. 
    I havnt seen any progress at all so just looking for help or tips not lookin for any quality for my first time trying just trying.
    thanks :smoking:  :hippie:

  2. i just set it in the sun during the day i have a light but wasnt sure if i should use it before i know if the seeds are good

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