First Grow - Bagseed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Snoop, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Ok this is my first grow so im using bagseed.

    Lights - 3, 23w CFL 24/0 since Aug 18
    Soil - Generic soil from Kmart.
    Setup - Closet between 2 computer towers (for now)

    This is what i have for now becuase i am very limited on cash. i was thinking of terminating the grow but then thought it wouldnt be fair too the plant.

    and the bigger plant is a couple days older then the smaller one but it seems like they are both taking long to grow.

    Sorry for shit pictures but i dont have the greatest camera :-/ how long will those 3 lights keep those plants alive?

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  2. 1 light per plant will last you at least 2 weeks. Somewhere at about 3 weeks the plants go crazy and get about twice as big every couple of days. That is what happens with what I am growing and I do LST on my plants and using hydroponics. Be ready to get a few more before too long. A Y socket will work too.
  3. Ya you'll need to have more light or you should only grow one plant to maturity. If you keep them all it won't yeild well and I don't think it would be very strong. If you are lacking on funds I would recommend keeping your larger plant and adding another cfl to make around 100 watts total for the plant.

    Good luck!
  4. yeah i was looking for y sockets i need to goto the hardware store and i was gonna pick up some more cfls and sum fluoros any suggestions i have about 70$ to spend?
  5. Two pictures both plants showed some growth since last post.

    And im waiting for some more money soo i can buy some real lights to keep theses plants alive and well.

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  6. good luck snoop
  7. The one plant if u smell it has a really skunk smell too it then the other u can barely smell at all
  8. this grow will not be updated untill plants enter flowering stage.

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