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  1. So I have been lurking around here for a while, and have finally moved into a new apartment, where I will be able to get to work. I am in a room with a walk in closet, that to everyone else will be just a door in my room that is always locked (aside from my roommates who I obviously needed their approval and assurance they will keep their mouths closed). It is a perfect spot and I will take pictures of the setup as soon as my roommate lets me use the digital camera.

    I have begun germinating 10 seeds, using the cup of water method. I plan to use the 3 that look the most viable, as I feel like for my first grow, more than 3 plants may be too much. I chose to use 10 seeds and waste 7 because the seeds I got were from VERY poor nugget, and I got easily over 100 seeds from a short 1/8th (yes life is different overseas heh).

    Unfortunately my closet has no electrical outlet. I attempted removing the light fixture and installing an outlet myself, but did not feel comfortable that I wouldn't damage the wiring. I am debating either having the electrician come Monday to do it, or running an extension cord to a power strip to keep in the closet, although the latter is less stealthy. Hopefully I can get the outlet situation figured out soon.

    I should be getting lights soon, I plan on using four 45 (actual) watt 6500k cfl's for vegging and four 45 watt 2700k cfl's for flowering. I may get a 5th light fixture and use either an additional 45w or 30w cfl of the opposite light frequency as the others, because I read somewhere on here that it may help (possibly kamels cfl guide?). I went to the local home center today, and they were sold out of the cheap light fixtures, so I'm going to try to find, if not I may keep them under a 45 watt cfl until I can get the fixtures.

    I plan on using a 12 inch fan to strengthen the stems and for airflow. I also plan on using an ONA bucket for odor control. I drilled holes in a 25 liter bucket and plan on buying a fan, and will have it set up when I get ONA from America in around 2 weeks.

    I live next to a gardening store, and plan to buy three 3 gallon (or close to it in liters) pots for the plants. I doubt the store will have Fox Farm Ocean Forest, which I hear is great, so I plan to buy a soil that is higher in N and P and lower in that correct?

    Anyway that's my plan so far, if anyone has any suggestions or comments, I'll take all the help I can get!
  2. So while I'm still waiting on the electrician to come take care of my outlet situation, I have made some progress. I checked the seeds about 12 hours after germination, and just tapped them each very gently and they all sank to the bottom. I'm assuming this means they are viable correct?
  3. well, they're soaking up water thats for sure, they should crack soon. good luck!! I'll be watchin....:smoking:
  4. Nice man, you're gonna love this. I'll be keeping an eye on this journal.
  5. I am planning on putting my seeds in their grow medium tomorow. I was originally planning on initially putting them in 3 gallon pots and leaving them there the entire time, but now I see many people have been starting them out in cups. Is there any drawback to just starting them out in a 3 gallon pot?
  6. No, go ahead and put them in. The less transplanting you do, the better. When the plant grows in nature, it doesn't start out in cups.
  7. ^^ yep, hes right, the less transplanting, the better. Just make sure the medium dries enough in between watering, IMHO.
  8. Ok so the electrician should be coming in an hour or so to install the outlet in my closet. The seeds have been germinating for 4 days, all 10 of them have sunk. 3 of them have the tap roots popping out, while the others look either just a little bigger or slightly opening up. I was thinking about planting the 3 that looked like they had the tap root coming out today after the outlet is installed, while keeping the other 7 in the cup just in case something goes wrong. Is it too early to plant them? I attached a pic, but it was taken with my computer as I don't have a digital camera yet.

    Excited to finally get the ball rolling a bit!

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  9. I took another pic with my roommates phone, maybe this is better.

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  10. So the electrician blew me off today, I'm going to need to take care of that somehow. I had to search far and wide to find good light fixtures because the home center here sucks. I was able to find ones for aprox $4 that can hold up to 100watt bulbs, that plug directly into the wall. I have a power strip that I plan to suspend, I'm going to make something to hold it up tomorow. The pic below shows the power strip, the bulb socket and a 45 watt CFL, does anyone see a problem with me hanging it as such?

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  11. everything looks good, what a douche electrician. i'll be keeping an eye on this one :bongin:
  12. Cant the light turn to be lighting the plants from the side, because on kamels CFL guide, they get more light from the side of it. Looking good so far, fuck the electrician, lol. GL man...
  13. off to a good start! good luck
  14. So I just had the electrician come and install an outlet in my closet. Ran me approx $100 (rounding the exchange rate). The electrician was able to make the outlet come from the other side of the switch through the wall, so now I don't have to run the risk of it falling out of the ceiling and starting a fire....although the electrician was a crazy guy babbling the whole time, he still had no suspicion lol.

    This is going to be a little more costly than it would be in the states, as I also had to spend $10 on a power strip, around $75 for 3 45 watt 6500k bulbs, one 45 watt 2700k bulb and the bulb sockets. Another $10 for metal wiring to hang the power strip, so I can adjust it as the plant gets bigger. After everything this will be around a $250 operation, which is more than I expected but approx how much it would cost for 1 super heady Oz in Montreal, so I'll live.

    Now I'm on my way to the plant store to buy three 12 liter buckets (aprox 3 gallons) and some soil, preferably which is high in N and P and lower in K, but I will ask the guy if he has anything good for tomatoes, as I know it is similar. Hopefully I should have everything set up later, so I can post official day 1 pics.
  15. good shit, good shit....subscribed.
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    So I got the digital camera, but was not smart enough to remember the USB cord, so iphone pictures will have to do for now. I went out and bought metal rope encased in plastic, that while not the flexible is very strong and used it to hang the power strip which I will be using for my lights. I haven't seen similar setups, but this was what I was able to come up with using the supplies that are available to me here. It seems very sturdy, although I will be constantly thinking of ways to improve it throughout the operation.

    I got three 12 liter buckets and some soil that was recommended to me for growing tomatoes, that seems to be pretty good. I filled the pots up with soil and then planted the 3 best looking seeds with the small bit of taproot coming out facing down. Do I need to water them at this point, or do I wait for something to sprout before watering?

    I currently have 3, 45 watt 6500k cfl's and 1, 45 watt 2700k cfl plugged into my power strip hanging above the plants. I decided it was worth the electricity to keep them on for now, so the second these babies come out, they will feast on light.

    Anyway I have some low qaulity pics of my setup, please feel free to comment/suggest! By the way, I don't know if you count germination, but in my mind today is the official first day of my long adventure. I am very excited, to say the least.

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  17. Very very nice setup you got going there
  18. I gave them a slight bit of water, and decided to turn the lights off until I am able to get a fan tomorow. The 4 bulbs were getting very hot, so I decided it would be better if I turned the AC on, kept my closet door open and let the room cool down a bit until I got the fan.

    At this point, I think aside from getting fans and worrying about setting up odor control, I need to just wait for it to sprout.
  19. OK so it's been 18 hours since I put the seeds in soil and still nothing has sprouted. I'm not sure if thats normal so I'm going to keep waiting. Maybe I didn't put enough water? I've kept one of the 45 watt bulbs on above the pots and I'm about to go out now and buy a fan.

    I attached a pic of the door to my closet. I need to make it so that you can't really tell light is coming from outside my closet and for flowering I need to make it 100% dark in my closet for 12 hours a day. I think I may take a piece of cardboard, poke a bunch of holes in it so the air can still go through and tape it inside the closet. Anyone else have any ideas?

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  20. i would take some heavy duty black trash bag and tac it up on the inside of that door, then put some xmas wrapping paper of mylar on top of that.. this will make sure no light leaks, and also will reflect the light back to your plants from the door. i have a grow very similar to yours, check out my thread if ya want. i started a week ago, so we will both be goin at the same stages at the same time. have you given any thought about what light schedule you will be using? im going 16/8 for now, but after 4 weeks i will move to 12/12. looks like you are off to a good start buddy good luck to ya!:D

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