First Grow - Bagseed CFL Bubbleponics Growbox

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by quidamsoul, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Right! Hello. This is my first post & grow--I'm a long-time toker seeking to remove myself from what is largely a red market in my area.

    To this end, I have assembled a 2'x2'x3' growbox made out of random pieces of wood found on the street hammered into a frame, with styrofoam panels covered inside by reflective car sunshades and outside with random sample fabrics I got for free at some furniture store (makes the box more inconspicuous).

    It's packing 8 CFL 24w assorted stolen bulbs, fixed laterally to wooden tacks fixed to the ceiling. I got three CPU fan coolers running, two along the back side and one on the ceiling, two outtakes and one intake. Will likely switch to three outtakes soon. Got a decent digital thermo/hygrometer, and a nice mercury thermometer. Temperature might be a little bit of an issue, in my area we reach outside temperatures of 45 degrees celsius, but the box is in an air-conditioned room.

    The plant itself is sitting right now inside a rockwool cub, sprouted out of it six hours ago. The cube is sitting on a pile of expanded clay pebbles, on a homemade netted pot stuck into a hole cut into a sheet of acrylic plastic, painted silver. Serves as the lid of an approximately 2 gallon reservoir, which features an Elite air pump, a solid airstone (that needs a fishweight or two), and a cheap ass water pump that feeds right into the bottom of the rockwool cube. Has a nice amount of water pumped per hour... when it's not clogged, that is.

    Pictures uploading.

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