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    Hey guys
    Never grown anything before but was getting lots of seedy bags so I germinated 5 seeds with paper towels which took 2 days.
    I put them in plastic cups (holes at the bottom) at the time I didn't really plan on them actually growing because I used garden soil and no nutrients because I Don't have garden stuff.
    Anyways after about 4 days I hadn't looked at them for a while (one cup spilled) and I was surprised to see sprouts! I hadn't watered them much so they don't look too good. They're getting about 8-9 hours sun a day


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  2. :wave: It looks like you have a good start. I would say give them plenty of light, and don't overwater.

    No nutes until they are like 3-4 weeks old. Good luck with this grow. :smoke: We all had to start somewhere. ;) :D
  3. Just an update


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  4. nice start keep them alive
  5. I transplanted them today


    How long do you guys reckon I'll be keeping them in these pots for?

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  7. Second set of leaves now


    I have like 15 seeds now from my last quarter not sure if I should bother planting

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