First grow. Bag seed. NEED HELP!!

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  1. I have 4 seedlings growing in Grodan. All 5-10 days old. Under 4 26w 6500k and 1 65w 2700k cfl. To Much? Been watering with a pH of 6.1. The package the Grodan came in said to pH to 5.5. Plan on transplanting to soil after alil more growth. Should I lower the pH? Run off is the same 6.1. All have leafs curling under. 3 have yellowing. 1 has brown spots forming. temps stay around 76f. RH around 55%. Any help needed! I attached 4 pictures hope it worked. First post too.

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  2. You wont see "more growth" with the leaves because when its this young it focuses on getting a good root system that will eventually support a nice canopy, you need to transplant NOW, trust me, then you will see it grow, and get rid of the white paper things around your stem its not worth fucking your plant up for that extra 5 or 6 lumens come on. When you transplant bury your soil up to the bottom of the leaves to support root growth as well as vertical growth. From the last photo (If thats how your lights are set up) your lights are too far away.
  3. Transplanted today in to FFOF with 25% perlite added. The lights are between 2-3 inchs away. The 65w is about 5 inchs away gets kinda hot. Should have explained alittle better. Was waiting for more root growth to show through the bottoms of the cubes. And the "white paper" was Black and White poly mainly to help keep algae from foring on the tops of the cubes. Thanks for the help today. have to wait and see what happen. If im doing something wrong let me know. Like i said its my first time.

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  4. I think that you need to dilute your FFOF more but we'll see if it burns your girls or not.. And wouldn't covering your soil lead to higher chances of mold?
  5. The soil isn't covered. The Grodan cubes were covered. The Guy at the hydro store was showing me on the veggies they have there that if you don't cover the tops of the cubes the lights will make algae grow. When I transplanted I took the side covers off and the one I put on top. So its just the cube in the soil no plastic from it. What else should I dilute with?
  6. Take your pick, more perlite, vermiculite, topsoil, happy frog, light warrior, or nothing at all. Im just saying, out of experience FFOF burned my girls and I had a 2/1 ratio of FFOF to perlite. Then when I transplanted for flowering it was one part FFOF one part topsoil, one part jiffy seed starter mix and one part perlite, still have some minor burns, 6 weeks in. Maybe it wont happen to you, we'll see.
  7. Ok ill leave it for now. Ill keep checking on them. I should be pHing my water right? Before I water them? I think I'm just paranoid. Just let mother nature do her thing for a bit.
  8. Yeah, use the LITFA technique

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