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  1. Here is my first grow setup, and im only doing one plant to try things out. Im keeping it in my dresser to keep it secretive and to try to keep light out of my room. I have a pretty crappy desk light and a normal fan. Just testing the waters here, nothing serious, but i do hope to see a female out of this seed. Im only going to grow it to about 6-8 inches and try to flower it then. My friend is helping me and i guess we'll see where it goes from here. But yes i know the light is small, and yes i know this isnt ideal growing materials, but hey why not give it a shot. :D

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  2. your gonna need a larger space to grow it to the end, and hopefully that light you have is a cfls, but is the plant even sprouted yet?
  3. And a larger pot too, 3 gallon minimum I think.
  4. No it hasnt, in those pics it was germinating, now its planted and its got a sprout about a cm long. I should be able to expand up into the dresser by modding the top drawers, and im thinking about getting a better light.
  5. Here is my plant on day 4 since it was planted, its kinda stretching for light but not too bad so far.

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