First Grow (Auto flowers)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AzSharpe, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hi, first time here posting.
    So im starting my first grow. All i have so far is a tent kit from eBay. What i could do with from you guys is everything you know about growing autos, and i mean everything. What im most interested in is:
    What size pots
    What strength bulb
    What nutrients and shit
    If one of you could show me a step bu step tutorial thatd be a great help too

    If you need to know, ive bought Northern Lights and Royal Creamatic from Royal Queen Seeds.

    Thanks for your input
  2. Hey man what size is your tent?
    Its your first grow so i'd say keep it simple. Go buy a big bag of fox farm ocean Forrest soil.
    and their nutrient line up. Big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom.

    Get 3 gal smart pots(maybe bigger idk how big your tent is)

    as for a light its all up to preference but I'd say get an LED. You probably want a few plants so get a 500-600 watt LED.
    Germinate the seed and plant it in the big pot for its whole life. No need to transplant it just stresses them out and stress tends to make auto's hermi quick.

    Once your plant gets 3 nodes tall start the fox farm feeding at half strength. (Grow big and big bloom) Tiger bloom is for flower.
    the next week do half strength again.
    And then the week after do full of 3/4 strength.
    Once they start to flower add tiger bloom into the mix.

    Look up Scrog. People are gonna recommend LST but it can be kinda dangerous if your careless.

    Good luck man. If you have any questions shoot me a pm.
  3. Hi dude, thanks for replying.

    The tent is a 80x80. Im thinking of running 4 girls in there because autos dont get too big or so ive heard.

    Where abouts can i buy those nutrients from? Im based in the UK and dont really know anywhere near me that would sell it. Theres a hydroponic store near me, ill have a look in there.
  4. Amazon if all else fails.

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