First grow attempt ever, w/ Homebox and 600w HPS&MH

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by dmoney123, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. This is my first ever attempt at growing, which as you can see was stated in the topic :rolleyes:

    Il be using a 600w MH bulb for up until flowering then switch to the HPS bulb. Im still figuring out which soil to use and pick up my pots, then il be starting a grow from some bag seeds which will act a dry run for me untll the real deal arrive in the next week or two. I basically just want to be able to make sure my setup keeps it cool and the tempature stays normal the the seedlings are able to sproutunder the 24/0 . I also want to get a idea for how many plants i can have in there using different size pots (1.5- 5 gallons). If i get a few healthy plants i might just leave them in there with the better seeds, il just leave them in a vegetative state longer before flowering, if thats possible? Anyways il keep you guys updated anything tips or correcting what im doing would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Here are some pictures, please dont make fun of my ungly room :) Its a old house with a old guest room that i just cleaned and disenfected, except the back of the door, not sure what happend there :|
  2. if your plants start to yellow & die quick, it could be the tent, i went through 3 bad tents. google "hydrohuts Killing plants"

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