First grow attempt 2 lil guys. Help and suggestions welcome!

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  1. Same here I hate to see a plant die, I would be fine seeing a cat killed in the street but not my plants!
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    Accidently took down all my pics :/ but i think i got past the scary state they were in, today i checked em and they seem to b scootin right along, im going to try and get the pictures back up but as im on my iphone it takes a while, and anyone know if Photbucket is safe? And if not what site should i use to upload pics?

  3. I use an iphone for my pics as well and this is the safest way to upload your pics here.

    1. Take pic with iphone
    2. Email pic to yourself
    3. Take Screen Shot of Pic and paste in Paint
    4. Save
    5. Upload new file to Grass City
    6. Post

  4. Thanks man, im at work now so ill wait till morning, also do you think i stunted em when i only had 2 cfl's? I have 4 now and they seem to be doing better but they still look small even with new leaves growing every day. I cant rly get what im doin wrong, gave em some miracle grow today, and i dont have money for mylar so i put up some foil yesterday (dull side facing plants) maybe im just over watering, i watered a lil bit tonight so im gonna wait like 2 days before feed em again. Also in between leave sets are these 2 antenna like things, is that mean female or r they just more branches coming out?
    Also tha ks for the help, seeing as this is my first time i am cLueless about most of it so THANKS!!

  5. Your pictures are not showing up for me.

  6. Ya im at work lol so i gotta wait till morning

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