First grow attempt 2 lil guys. Help and suggestions welcome!

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  1. I kinda posted in the wrong area b4 srry. But ive started 2 plants, one still hasnt sprouted. Any way i would love feedback and suggestions. Ok here we go, plant A was planted 9-25-10 and sprouted 9-27-10. Plant B was planted 9-28-10. The lamp we r using is a spot grow plant light 250w. No ventalation or fan yet, but fans comming super soon. Also vrowing in a small closet. But here is room and plants life so far

    this is before the closet, window light 9-27-10

    the grow room! Small i know, this lights been working so far but im sure ppl will say use florecents, but please tell me ur oppinion

    this is lil' monster on 9-28-10

    and this is same one next morning 9-29-10
  2. looking good mate but id move your light nearer to stop it growing straggly and get a fan on it also it makes your plant strong :wave:
  3. Yea i plan to do both, thnx dunno if i need a moving fan or will a stationary one be fine? And would i aim it right at the plant?
    Oh and thnx for replying
  4. Ok so today i installed a fan and put it on high and its blowing right at the plant and light, and the light has been moved like 3-4 inches away from the plant. hope i get to see some new leaves by tonight!!
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    i got some help from my other post so im gonna try and make it to the store today to see if i can get some cfl's. but do they plug into a wall socket? and a picture of the lights would help for when i go so i know what to look for. thanks for the help to the guys who posted on other topic! ill put up an update picture later today!!

    also how many should i get for each plant?

    Yaaaay! got 4 cfl's 100w, 6500k. and even got some miracle grow, with that i used 1/4th of the instructions and even less since it was for a gallon and i made half a gallon of water. but how many times should i use the miracle grow stuff cuz i dont want to kill my plant with it
  6. once every 3 days i would say but dont use it on starter plants that one is still to young to be getting nutes.
  7. Can't have too much light, but you can have too much heat. No nutes for at least 10 days, let the plant tell you what it needs. Get a pH tester, electronic or even cheap aquarium stuff. What kind of soil is that?
  8. Thanks for the input guys, i have cfls's on em now and they r lookin good an healthy, the stem was pretty long from the other light i had so i added more soil, and ive no clue the soil brand, pretty generic i think, bag is outside and its rainy so i dun feel like lookin atm. I did turn the fan off tho cuz its kinda cold in there without the spot grow light.
    Once again tho i love the feedback its helpin alot
  9. Ok so finally i do an update. im on about 3 1/2 weeks and this is what thhe plant looks like, im thinking that they are growing kinda slow i dunno it has a bunch of small leaves growin on it but it seems slow and the first set of leaves is brown on the tips.. if anyone knows anything like if they are goin slow or not let me know, cuz im pretty new and have no idea where i should be at

    i have 4 100w 6500k cfl's, and a fan blowing all the time[​IMG]
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    move the cfl within a few inches (1-6 is what i suggest) unless its one of those big cfls and its 100w actually. Those big ones you still can get pretty close to.
  11. its about 6 inches away now maybe a little less, i just thought the burns were from the lights being to close
  12. Did you plant bagseeds? or fem or?
  13. Well heres hoping they are female
  14. Your growth looks very very stunted for three and a half werks and to me it looks like its dying.
  15. they are starting to look better, im not using anymore nuts just reg water, i even think i see female parts now. the tips from yall r working i guess =) i just wish my camera took better pictures
  16. here a new picture, you can see more leave sets growing:hello:
  17. they are dying
  18. but they are still growing, it was just slow for a bit
  19. well, i hope they do ok. keep it up broski

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