First Grow, Asking for Pointers

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first grow using the "grandpa grow guide."

    The strain is AK-48

    I would love some pointers. Does anything stand out that should be changed?

    They're currently under 5 100 equivalent watt CFLs. (23 watt usage) The box says each puts out 1600 Lumens at 2700k. I have a small fan moving in the back with a cup and aerator to keep the humidity up.

    BTW, the middle plant isn't struggling, I just planted him a few days later than the two on the sides.

    EDIT: I just checked on em' and it seems the soil is drying out much quicker than when they were on my desk under one CFL. (obviously) should I water more frequently, or just wait until the soil is a few inches dry?

    One more, (sorry) When can I start adding nutes? I don't have a whole lot of options as far as sources, so something found at walmart would be great! :)




    UPDATE: I just changed to:

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    Sorry about the huge pics, but I forgot to add them!

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