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    Hello everyone, I am in the middle of my first grow. Day 24 of flower. And i have a few questions for yas. Here is the spec


    25 plants, Strain is ak47
    Soil grow in 11litre pots with canna terra professional plus soil
    Two 600w hps lights
    4in industarial intake fan and 4in exhaust
    Neuts at the min are bud blood first week of flower only. canna terra flores, Along with Atami bloombastic (first day using bloombastic today) I am watering one litre for each plant every other day, One day using nutes and the next time just water without nutes.
    The temps are 25-30c and 50-62rh%

    My question is should i be using the bloombastic every time i water or just wen i am using the canna terra flore?
    Also i no my humitdy is too high at 50-62 but will it still be ok or would it cause problems like mold ect..

    Id like to thank anyone who took the time to read this, And any help would be great.
  2. nice setup, dont think the humidity will be too much of an issue, if you keep a close eye and help dry any problem areas with a fan. not an expert though, knowing 40 or so is optimal, ur not too far off. looking at the boombastic and curious to see how it work for ya! and ur ak seeds, we are planning the same thing, once its to see the pics. have fun
  3. sounds like quite the set up for a first grow, i dont know much about indoor so i wont screw around with advice, but i will tell you one thing, good luck!!
  4. Thanks for the comment, Yea well i have 2 fans running 24/7 on the plants aswell so mabey that will help? I was trying to look up about the bloombastic myself but cant seem to find anything, do you have to upload photos to photobucket fisrt?
  5. yeah, then use the [​IMG]
  6. Thanks trikushcity dude i think i need the luck lol

  7. sounds like u wont need much luck, just free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  8. lol, not a problem.

    hopefully all goes well though**knocks on wood**:hello:
  9. wow, we were right, u dont need any luck whatsoever, just plenty of freetime and some freinds to help! which we volunteer for.hard to beleive its your first, u did your homework and that is a sweet garden, girls look great, enjoy
  10. Thanks dude, Yea did a lot a lot a lot of homework lol. Yea im thinking there is gonna be a lot of triming at harvest time! Im sure it will be worth it to know that im smoking the stuff that i grew myself! Im gonna be sad cutting them down though :( lol
  11. does anyone out the have any idea about my questions?:confused:
  12. High Sheila..
    your rh will be fine, make sure there is planty of circulation, as i see you have...

    temps are a little warmer then perfcet but they should also be fine.

    Very nice set up. hell of a first grow...

    Do you have a pocket microscope to watch the trichomes?

    keep up the great work...;)
  13. Hey, Thanks for the comment, Yes its very hard to keep temps down. I got a bigger exhaust fan to try to take it down but it made too much of a vacume and started pulling the reflective foil off the walls! No i dont have a pocket microscope yet i havent done much homework on the tichomes yet im sort of learning as i go through the stages. Is this to keep an eye on mold or to know wen to harvest? Thanks for all the help guys, Realy couldnt ave done this without this site, Some great info on here :wave:
  14. its for checking when to harvest... easy to use...
    sucking the film off the walls:eek:...can you make the intake bigger?
  15. its for checking when to harvest... easy to use...
    sucking the film off the walls:eek:...can you make the intake bigger?

    Yea that is next on the list. Dont think i can, I have a bigger 6inch fan but its only a 4inch hole in the wall its coming through so i dont think it will make much difference? Plus its a we bit too noisey aswell. I Had a look at your grow there, The room and grow are amazing, Great way to use the dead space in the atic :D
  16. Another few things i wanted to ask is, The area im working with is pretty small for the amount of plants i have and there is a lot of fan leaves blocking the bud sites, Would i be better trimming some of the leaves to let the light through or leaving them? I already trimed them about 3 weeks ago. And also could anyone give a rough estimate on yeild? :D
  17. no dont trim the leaves the plant needs them they will fall off as the plant uses them but ya could always bend themout of the way so lower bud sites get the light they need. a bigger intake should help. ya could always hang the fan from bungee cords or insulate it to help with noise. as far as rh goes not a big deal unless ya have a scrubber anything over 50% reduces the life of your scrubber :(. good luck with the grow
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    How far are your lights from the top of your plants?

    How much space do you have under your lights?

    How tall are they? If i can judge correctly looks like 24 inchs!

    PS: There very well grown ;)

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