First grow, any help appreciated

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    This is my first time growing. Any help and suggestions are appreciated!

    The set-up:

    1 box - 30" X 30" X 4ft.
    1 Bathroom fan
    2 small fans
    1 100watt MH bulb/ballast
    2 45 watt CFL's (200 watt equivilant each )
    2 clones (no roots) (need help with these)
    1 seedling
    1 germinating

    Ok. As you will see in my pictures, I have 2 clones in bad shape, 1 small seedling a little stretched, hopefully doing better in the next 2 days, and 1 seed in the pot germinating, just thrown in the mix tonight. The clones have been in there for nearly 2 weeks. Up until today I only had the 100 watt MH in there. The CFL's are new today with the survival blanket. they were put in for more light and heat. My set up is in my shed so its outside and its pretty cold out. Before the 2 CFL's I was only getting 13 degrees celcius. Since the cfls have been in the temperature has risen above 15 and is still going up thank god. The lights are on a 18/6 timer. no nutrients have been gven yet and im not sure of the PH of the soil. I will get a PH tester next payday.

    Any help and suggestions would be great. I tried another site but nobody seems to want to help a new guy out. Thanks guys!

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  2. i don't know much about clones, man so idk what to say about that. lol. But hopefully someone more experienced than me will take the time to help you out! Good luck with the grow man, its a lot of fun once it gets going :D
  3. Well right off, in a small box, your lights are WAY to close. Also it looks as if one of the two, and only you know that answer, Your either , over watering with to much feed, or under watering.
    Now, how about your pots. They look rather, well, small. Do you have holes punched out, for the water runoff. Are you feeding them to much.

    Lets work with that first,

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  4. They havnt rooted yet, so too much water shouldnt be a problem from my understanding? They havnt got any water since they were first potted, and the soil is still nice and moist. the pots have drain holes, so any excess will run off if there is any at all. the lights are about 5-6 inches from the plants. i did the hand test and its not too hot. just nice and warm. im going to put the temp reader closer to where the plants are to get a better idea of the temp.
  5. OK, hang in there, I'll be right back...

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  6. You know the pale, dark blue, the one plant to my right, How big is it , ? That would be helpful.

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    im sorry i dont understand the question. you mean the pot the plant is in or the plant itself?

    **UPDATE** I went and took some measurements. The pots are 5 inches. The taller plant on the right is 5 inches tall. I noticed it has some of the white hairs from flowering on the top. like it had JUST started. the plant on the left is 4 inches. I took the lights off of he timer so they are now 24/0. im not sure if they need to be on the timer if i have it set to 24 hours do i? if they need to be plugged into the timer for any reason let me know and i will make the change. thelights are about 5-6 " away from the clones. right now its just the one CFL on the right and the MH in the middle. the plants are spaced evenly from the lights.

    As for a humidity dome, idont have any bags large enough to go over the plants without touching the leaves. I will have to make a trip to walmart tomorrow. I trimmed the 2 sets of lower leaves on both plants in half. guess we will see what happens. anything else let me know guys!

  8. could i maybe put a tupperware container in the box with a sponge or wet cloth in it to increase the humidity? would that help?

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