First Grow - Any Feedback ?

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    Hi Folks
    I am a long time reader of this site and have put this into practice for the first time.
    any feedback from the more experienced would be grateful.

    • Hydro or Soil - Hydro
    • Type of light? 400w HPS + Reflector
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions 25 degrees celsius lights on 22 degrees lights off
    • PH Range - 5.8
    • Nutrients/Supplements - Ionic grow for veg - Bloom for flower plus boost later on
    • Design and Dates Groom 4ft x 8ft x 8ft approx - Running NFT - 12/12 from 26 January
    • Other Any other information you can think of not included by these subjects.
    These photos are 2 weeks into 12/12 strains are 2 x Cali Orange and 2 x Blue Cheese.
    Vegged Clones for 5 weeks under 125w ecolite.

    One of the plants took a growth spurt a few days ago and hit the light hence the taco leaves ( School boy error on my part) .Lamp has now been raised to 11 inches.

    okay heres the pics what do you think


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  2. Nice looking grow you got there!.....They look happy and healthy.
  3. cool,.. yep looks good. keep her green.........
  4. Thanks guys . i might update the post with more pictures next week providing there has been progress:wave:

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