First Grow...Any advice appreciated!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by potpie, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. hey guys, i am gonna start my first grow once all my stuff gets in.

    Quick specs:

    1 waterfarm
    1 400w mh/hps switchable
    dr chronic. "mp5k" seeds.

    Since this is my first grow, i'm planning on putting all my love and care into this one plant. After this one i'll probably start growing more at a time to get full use out of the 400 W light.

    One of my main concerns is a stealthy grow and in my anticipation i assembled this box. How does this look? any advice on this? It looks slightly ghetto i know. I'm gonna lightproof the front soon and line the insides with mylar. Its roughly about 5 feet all. One concern i have is if its enough space for one plant, another is if the 400W's is overkill for this little box. Thanks

    Lastly, what do you guys think of the SCROG method for my setup? thanks

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  2. hey potpie

    I'm also just on my first grow, so my opinion is based on alot of reading and previous oudoor growing. But with that said, I think that you will have sufficient room for one nice plant and if made lightproof your setup will have potential, but this said I think that a 400 w HPS/MH would be total overkill, dont know if youre gonna vent the box, but there would probably be heat issues with a 400 w, so if you're not gonna grow more than one plant I would definitely recommend a smaller HPS, no more than 250 w, and to eliminate heat problems you would be fine putting in a larger or a number of smaller cfl's and then upgrade your setup when you start having more plants, start out simple if only one plant is my advice. In addition I think that SCROG would be good for you, to get the optimum out of your one plant. Hope you get a nice grow going!

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