first grow, any advice appreciated

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  1. hey everyone, I've been on this site for a little while now but never posted anything. figured I'd start now, any advice is appreciated as this is my first grow.

    I put my seeds in jiffy seed pods on the 5th of December and here is where I have them now. I have some yellowing occurrig [​IMG]which I believe is nitrogen toxicity, I've flushed them with clean water until it was just running out of the pots. the fan leaves have now stood up a little more and seem happier. my nutes I started with is technaflora recipe for success. I've given nutes a total of 2 times now and haven't for about a week due to my yellow leaves. my soil is foxfarm happy frog. they are in 1 gallon pots under a 600 watt hps. would be mh but I can' afford to go get a new bulb right now. I'll switch to 1000w hps when I start to flower. I've had a box fan on them since birth haha. pretty thick stems. 3x white rhino 3x g13 haze 3x strawberry cough. this about sums up the start of my first grow. let me know what you guys think! also, if you want more pictures.
  2. gotta have pics man
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  3. all have been topped when they were 3 nodes high

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  4. I don' currently have anything to test the ph of the soil, I have the little strips of paper that you dip in your water and that is around 6.4 to 6.6 but I can' imagine that these pieces of paper are terribly accurate. thanks for the reply!
  5. Same type of problem I'm having with yellowing could be Burns. An for ph tester try eBay I got mine from there an they are cheap an easy to use

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  6. seem to be doing alright?

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  7. Drooping leaves = rootbound in your case (doesn't really look like a watering problem)..IMO
    Bigger pots..have you considered fabric pots..?
    Only way to fly..No root circling, almost impossible to overwater (air pruned)..etc.
  8. Do you have room for all those plants?
    I picked up some Strawberry Cough from a dispensery in Moses Lake, WA and it was SUPER tasty.,,keep those going.
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  9. I'll be flipping to 1000 watts soon, do I believe I will have an adequate amount of light for the space and size of the plants. and I am going to get fabric pots, should I go to 2 or 3 gallon pots though?
  10. Bigger pots = bigger plants= bigger yield..For soil, I grow in 5 or if in a pinch 3 gallon fabric pots..Be prepared to water a bit more often, since the fabric ones dry out faster than plastic. Air pruning reALLY WORKS;)

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