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    This is my first grow. 2 plants in a 36x36 tent with 3 of the 150w CFL bulbs and will be adding a 4th as soon as I get it. Using ocean forest soil and the fox farm trio nutrients. My ph level on my water is 7.25 . I am 15 days into flowering and one of my plants is having spots come up on the leaves and some of the leaves are even drying up. Temperature is anywhere from 69-75 with 45-55% humidity Can anyone tell me what's going on and what I am doing wrong?



  2. I know fox farms flowering nutes will drop your ph by a ton.

    Have you fed flower nutes yet

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  3. I didn't know that, I have been feeding them nutrients based on the guide that came with them.
  4. I've given them nutrients 1 or 2 times at most a week. Due for a watering today, what should I do?
  5. Your ph should be 6.5 for soil. Test the runoff ph and adjust accordingly. That way the plant better absorbs all it needs.It looks like phosphorus issues and the plant will need alot of that because it's going into flowering phase. Also what's the runoff ec?
    both ec and Ph are critical and that stage of the game. good luck. GFP

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  6. I don't have a way of measuring the the ec, that's something I need to get asap. I will measure the runoff ph here in a min and report back. So maybe phosphorus issues?
  7. First time grower here. Might be a cal/mag deficiency. I am in hydro with RO water. And I wasn't using cal/mag. I saw this IMG_4142.JPG so I started running cal/mag and all the new growth after this was good. I don't know if this is what you have. It looks similar.
  8. phosphorus lockout[​IMG]

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  9. what's in that medium?

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  10. So I looked at my schedule and was time to flush. So I don't know if that messes with the ph reading. But the runoff ph was 5.4
  11. Some of my leaves look similar to that but they also have tiny spots on them. Indent know if my camera picked it up or not
  12. Double post*
  13. Never been a hydro fan but best of luck. Yep I run my ph on all my autoflowers at 6.3 throughout. Once you go over 7.0 you start getting all sorts of crazy damage to the leaves. Growing is about consistancy with ph and nutes. Always pay attention to your base soil with added nutes. I use black gold organic which only has a tiny percentage .5% nitrogen. Let her rip until 18 -21 days letting her pull off the original 2 leaves. Do 2 ml cal mag in a half gallon and water away with maybe 32oz max. Let the pot get light usually 5-7 days if you use a 3 gallon 8-10 on a 5 gallon. Week 4 2.5 ml cal mag, 5 ml grow. Let her dry out as usual to get the roots to expand. At this time more air roots will start to show near the base of the plant as well. Week 5 2.5 ml cal mag, 5.0 ml grow and introduce bloom 2.5 ml or 5 ml depending on strain. Let her rip then week 6 of 10 I do a flush to get rid of nitrogen so I can concentrate on bloom nutes or overdrive. After flushing reintroduce cal mag 2.5ml and bloom 5.0. Let her rip and dry out really good once more. Week 7 2.5 ml cal mag and 7.5 bloom. Week 8 2.5 cal mag and 10 ml bloom. Week 9 flush ph water once more 6.25-6.50. Weeks 10 and 11 let her burn off all nutes. Again thats for autos and what works for me. Just remember air in the soil is everything so always mix in extra pearlite or I like to use clay pellets.
  14. P
  15. I use it and it does, I use a 2L container and only 2Tbs of fox farm liquid fertilizer and then like 1.5 tsp of fox farms grow big and it test from plain tap water (7) all the way to like 6.3 sometimes 6
  16. It's a little algae that's all dried up.
  17. that's calcium deficiency that's what I see in those leaves.[​IMG]

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  18. So do I need to get some of the cal mag? And this may be a dumb question but do I need to measure the ph after I add the nutrients? The 7.2 is right out of the tap.
  19. I see both which would be explained by low ph lockout.

    I had these issues with my first couple grows, started mixing dolomite lime into the soil, all was good after that.

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