first grow and pretty sure its all wrong

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  1. ok i painted a large rubbermaid bin white on the inside and bought 2 led lights 20 watts each and attached 2 computer fans 1 120mm and one 80mm. im gonna use soil for now cuz i dont want to have to power alot and i only plan to grow one or 2 plants. i just tried to go cheap and dont even think its the right kind of light but it was cheap and i was told it would work but idk. any and all help would be much abliged thank you. oh and the black thing is a homemade carbon filter.

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  2. You want the fan with the most cfm (cubic feet per minute) to be your exhaust and the smaller one your inlet. Obviously the filter goes over the exhaust fan. Drill larger holes for your fans too.
    If you find any CFL grow threads you will see they try and use larger bulbs (26w or larger) actual rating. Not the replacement rating. You can get a 4 pack at Home Depot for like 6 bucks. You want to use daylight bulbs for veg(5000k) and soft white bulbs(2500k) for flower, but it is best to use both throughout the entire grow.
    You want the bulbs directly over the plants. Not to one side! Again, look at some other cfl grows in the grow journals or indoor grow threads. Lots of examples of different ways people have used rubbermaid tubs to grow in. GOOD LUCK!!!:wave:
  3. I think i over watered the lil girl! She looks so sad. All the leaves are wilted and now some of the leaves are starting to curl in.
  4. Will the leds actually work though? And can I just put a bulb on each side since above takes up more space? What do u mean drill bigger holes?
  5. Those arent leds in the picture those are cfls...It will be too short for any plants really and you will need much more than 40 watts for 1 plants let alone 2.
  6. Well, I suppose you could. Like darwinphilosoph said,"It will be too short for any plants really". A lot of guys turn the tubs on the side or on the end. You should definitely look up how to LST your plant. It will keep it short and bushy.:)

    What I mean by bigger holes is, I can see the holes you drilled in one of the pictures where your fan is mounted. To get more air flow you should drill the holes bigger or just cut out one big hole. You want the least amount of that tub in the way because it's going to block airflow.
  7. Well on the box for the lights it says 20 watts and equal to 75 watts of a standard bulb so does that produce enough wattage then or should I put more light? And I think I know how to lst but a friend was talking about scrog but idk how it works or if its good for my setup.
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    No its a 20W bulb, You go buy 'actual power' (20W) not 'comparison power' (75W). The plant only 'sees' the 20W.

    You should really aim for a minimum of 100W actual power for your first plant and then 50W actual for every other plant. Or you are just going to get a streched plant with airy buds that arnt worth the time spent.

    For example im growing 5 plants (SCROG) with 650W (400W HID MH and 250W HID HPS) of light in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.6m grow tent and i think i should have a bit more light for results i would be happy with.
  9. Well should I go and get a few cfls or some specialty grow lights from my local hydroponic shop? And yes we really do have one but the owners r all dudes so probably r on this forum too.
  10. Get a 150 or 250 watt High Pressure your box doesnt become a mess with 8 lights. Grow 2 plants both heavily LST'd and trained to grow actually wouldnt hurt to put a screen with 2x2 inch mesh and do a ScROG method with the two plants. Just have the screen six inches away from the max distance your plants can be away from the with like a 150 or 250 watt HPS I would shoot to put the screen 12-16 inches from the highest the light can be. Ya know what im sayin?!

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