First Grow and im autoflowering... please help?

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  1. So I'm. Starting off with 6 fem Jock Horrror and 6 reg Sour60(a kush)

    So I'm going to be using 2gallon buckets for pots is this okay?

    Also I will be using a hydrofarms hot house to veg my seedsit this okay?

    I was told a low pH 6.5 in the soil and water during germination helps make females is this true?

    I was told to get an organic root food ( JH Biotech 227 Promot MZM Biological growth promoter) and mix with water then set pH to 6.5 and water peats and seedlings to get females does this sound like it will work?

    How early can I give my plants nutrients?

    The nutrients I got are. Advance nutrients: bloom, grow, micro, kushie kush, sensiZym, bud candy, bud factor X, Bud Ingitor, big bud, and overdrive is this

    To avoid burn during flower I plan to feed nuts Monday wedsday Friday and Sunday is this a good idea?

    Thanks for all the help in advanced
  2. What type of soil are you using? Nutrients should not be given that often. Only every other watering and watering should only be once every 3-4 days.
  3. O yeah I forgot to put that down thanks I'm using happy frog natural organic ang would 8-3gal. Bags. Be enough for 12-2gal. Buckets and should I feed it all nut at the same timeand how about that pH thing and btw are these good nuts cause there kinda expensive
  4. Bump please help
  5. they shouldn't need any of those nutes for at least 3-4 weeks. No offense but sounds like the guys at the hydro store are selling you way too much shit.

    I reccomend smart pots (black fabric pots) instead of growbag or plastic pots.

    Water them when they need it .. not according to any schedule. Get used to lifting up the containers and feeling how heavy they are..this will tell you how much water is in them. Alot of people recommend starting autos in a large container ... but it's very easy to overwater when you put a small plant into too much soil...keep the plant in the right sized container and it will be able to actually dry out between waterings..this is very important..overwatering is #1 problem with new growers...2nd would be adding nutes too early ;)

    sour60 is some bomb weed....Expect a good up high...puts me in a great mood. I've had a few females show sex as early as 12 days :O

  6. 2 gallon buckets are fine. Bigger pot usually bigger plant. Works that way with mj, basil, daisies etc.

    Germination happens so fast you can use ph balanced water or just tap. I have used just tap plants turn out fine.

    For nutes you won't need any the first month. The soil has all the nutes you will need. After about a month there exhausted and you apply nutes with your watering.

    If you water your plants every Mon, Wed, Friday and Sunday you will most certainly kill them. It would have to be 100 degrees with no humidity to water a plant that much if even or a gianormus plant which a 2 gallon pot will not be.

    You want to water your plants when the soil 2-3 inches deep is dry or use the pick up method. When there dry your plants are light, wet the pot is heavy. Water when its light.

  7. Okay so my question with germing is. Can I make females?

    And with nutes the plants start to flower in 2-3weeks after planting that's what mdazing says and there his seeds not to be rude

    Does that mean I need nutes eairler and do I need all these nutes
  8. IMHO you can't influence the seeds to become female...this is highly debated though and I've heard probably 100 different methods to get more females to grow... It's a matter of opinion though really...and since the odds are so random, so are the opinions and methods.

    I can't remember offhand what kinda soil Mdanzig grows might be a lighter mix though that has less nutes in it. At either rate the plants will let you know when they need nutes by starting to get an N or K deficiency on the first set. At that time I would only give them a very light dose of "micro" or "grow" 1/8 - 1/4 strength.
    I can't really comment on all those nutes you have or when how to use em..I have great results just using micro and bloom...imo the other stuff is just "fluff" and not necessary to the plants health....I mean plants only require a set list/amount of nutrients....all of which are contained in the bottles of micro/grow/bloom
  9. Bongsause I appreciate your comments and I've actually decide to only use Kushie Kush: a mix spiecaly enginered to grow better kush. Bud candy: for better tasting buds. Bud Factor X: for more resinon those buds. Bud Ignitor: to promote all nodes to begin buddingat start of flowering. Big bud: obvious. And lastly Overdrive: for last to weeks of flowering help plants get readyto flower all over again. While these do not effect the health of the plant the health of the plant I belive will naturally beokay there autoflowering seeds right? Any comments

  10. I think your thinking to much into this and read some guides...or stickies on here. Google grow guide and read.
  11. Well ithe only reason I want everything planed to the parsec is because I put these in the dirt then in 60 there done iwant to make positive everythings right.

  12. Good idea but you will encounter all sorts of things growing anything and two plants planted same seed same time will turn out different. Just go with the flow.

    A grow is not instant as well so you have many weeks to adjust, learn and perfect.
  13. I thank an appreciate you all of your help. Pics will follow but keep tips coming

    Follow my grow journal will be starting soon
  14. I do have one more question can I veg in a peat I'm a hot house
  15. well i don't mean to bad mouth anyone so please know that its not my intention. i have read some on the jock horror about it not going auto. one thread had it at over six feet tall. im growing Pandora right now and they got a mix of fox farms ocean forest and happy frog. i didn't add any nutes except the little in the microizhe i fed them. mine will be harvested next week. i would do some research as to how long they really take to flower as it is hard to grow a big plant in a 2 gal container.
  16. Well the Jock horror is coming from sativa seeds so anyone know how good that supplier is? And I'm going to go hydro ebb and flow I think its a little easier since I want multiple harvast and it says exactly what to do with the nutes so any advice on hydro (lol)

  17. i can see you nute burning the shit out of your plants
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    Thanks great advice asshole

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