first grow and i have a question

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  1. when should i start germinating my seeds
    and when should i move them to big pots
    then when do i put those bad boys in the dirt

    oh one more and thats how old do they need to be before i can sex them
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    Ok start Germinating you seeds when you have everythink ready.
    Move them to bigger pots when you think the plants they have out grew them.
    You put them in dirt when your get the tap root showing after youve germinated them.
    You can tell the sex after the first 1-3 weeks of flowering.
    Or you could just turn your lights to 12-12 then after youve found the sex just change them back to 18-6 or 24-0
  3. this is a complete outdoor grow everything has to be out side :(
  4. you shouldnt post the same question in 2 different subforums:smoking:
  5. It depends on the 2 W's what and where...WHAT strain and WHERE in the world? For instance if you lived in Alaska or Australia the planting times would be very different.
  6. i had what i call a grow shack in the middle of the woods run with generaters,

    just do what you did last time in your "grow shack"
  7. haha not possible anymore the land it was on is now a gated hunting club such bs and im in south georgia pretty much florida really i need the help i wanna grow this bad

  8. Better get reading then I'd say. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Best answer, now go read
  9. The SEARCH button will help a lot.

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