first grow amnesia lemon in coco 11 days old problems?

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  1. Currently I have 2 amnesia lemon seedling in coco and perlite 75%/25%
    nutes are canna canna rhizotonic
    canna boost
    coco a & B
    PK 13/14

    2 (2 bulb)T8's for seedlings and veg in 3x5x8 closet
    600w digital adjustable 50%-75%-100% for veg and flowering in 3x4x7 closet

    started feeding at .8 EC with R/O water
    just bumped up to 1.1 EC

    temps range for 75-87

    rh range is 30-45

    lights are on 24/0 about 3 inched away

    problem i had and think have fixed
    I would PH before i added nutes checked run off last night and was 4 had to run about 4 gal of r/o water in my 1 gal containers to get run off to 5.5 then fed with nutes after i mixed let them sit for an hours then adjusted PH to 6.0

    they sprouted 11 days ago

    leaves look a little yellow and are miss shaped

    any suggestions or comments


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  2. I would think that at 11 days old adding nutes is too early. 3 inches for a 600 watt sounds too close. You might flush with PH'd water and move the lights up a to about a foot if you have it on 100%. I also have a digital dimmable 600. I pretty much just use it for flowering though so I don't have a lot of experience using it from seedling.
  3. i have them under the t8's 2 (2 bulb fixtures) right now 3 inches from flour's
  4. Coco acts funny with ph, so u only need to ph water going into the medium, not the run off. And try to ph to 5.8 the best u can. - I got that from askeds coco guid

    Temps up around 87 are a tad high. See what u can do to lower temp to range from 60-80 (night/day) plus cooler temps will generally push the plant twards being female.

    Also I would personally start nutes when plant enters veg (it's still a seedling until 3rd set of leaves come in)

    I also agree with staggarlee about the light distance.

    Those r just my thoughts... I think they will help but ur still Lookin good man. Seems like a prity good setup u got. Keep it up man.
  5. for t8 ur distance is fine. ur leafs are telling u that they have just a little too much nutes, anymore and I bet they'll burn. I'm running maui dog right now and if I give them a dose just a tad high the leafs start to twist just alittle towards the end just like ur pics. feed them ph water for the next 2 waterings, and use spring water or ur tap if not so bad. the reason is ro has nothing in it and its tricky to get nutes for seedlings without going overboard. and stag right don't ever try to ph the run off of coco it will drive u nuts, ph going in 5.8 during veg and can be dropped to no less then 5.2 during flowering, reason is coco's ph naturally rises during the plants life. and the lower ph kinda helps with nute uptake. got that from ed.
  6. thanks for the advice i will try and lower the nutes, i didn't know to much nutes could twist or curl the leave like that, i will post updated pic in a few days thanks for the advice
  7. the leaves tell you the health of the plant. twists, curls up/down, tacos ,burned tips burned margins, spots, praying for mag they all tell a story.
  8. I hear to not worry about PH of run off in coco, but I find it to be quite helpful. Usually if my PH is too acidic in the run off it's from nutrient buildup in the medium, which is what happened to you. You are feeding too much for such a small plant, so the salts are building in the coco, which is making it more acidic. I would flush then water with plain water for a week or 2. Then when you do start to feed again, don't be so aggressive with it. Less is definitely more when it comes to feeding.
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    Pictures from Day 16

    Thanks for the advice I tried feeding half of what i was (before I read try flushing for a week or 2) and they are growing strong but are starting to show signs of burn and i think mag def

    I think for a week or two i should water with spring water ph'ed and add a drop of superthrive and maybe some calmagplus in every other watering.
    Currently im watering about every other day with plenty of run off.
  10. also you can see i have algae growing in my coco perlite mix how can i stop this?
  11. covers

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