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  1. i got 5 seeds growing now, ill prolly keep the best 3, four of them are growing with natural sunlighty in a warm garage attic. the other is using a natural light color flurescent. i got a aluminum foil enclosure around the plant indoor plant. any advice? thanx

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  2. Is the indoor plant older than the others? It's hard to tell from the picture. Seedlings look good, a bit of stretch there, adding a cfl close to them will minimise that even if most of the light they get is coming from the sun. I'd say remove that enclosure your plant is in however the situation, and lower that cfl to an inch or two depending on your temps.
  3. wrap the whole thing with tin foil sheets!
    also just one bulb is not very much.

    i use 3x18W and 1x35W CFL inside a small metal box and for my means that's appreciate to start up plants. it also generates some heat (measuring reads 25 to 28 degrees).
  4. they all where planted at the same time, so the indoor plant looks good just remove enclosure?, and add a cfl for the others, which cfl do you recommend. thanx
  5. wrap more of then 1 enclosed, or for the others?
  6. well uhm if light gets out then the plant is not getting it and basically it is wasted. If the plant can get it, it will grow more, and faster.

    To some degree light intensity directly relates to growth- it is used to generate the carbon-leaves from CO2 in the air (photosynthesis as we know it).

    I have experienced typically tinfoil can increase to 1.5x upto 2x grow speed. It's easy and cheap for a small CFL setup like u show in the pic.
  7. Seedlings at this stage don't need extreme amounts of light. However you will have a problem flowering the indoor plant with what you currently have. Also the ones in the attic unless it can see direct sunlight of 8 or 9 hours. The tin foil doesn't help much if you keep your cfl that far away. You can keep the cfl 2 inches away from the tops easily as long as it's not a small space where heat can build up fast. For vegging go with blue CFLs, that's 6500k commonly called daylight bulbs. Rule of thumb is 100w for first plant and extra 50w for each extra. That's actual watts and not equivalent.

    Have u got any plans to flower these?
  8. thanx for everyones help so far ill update the thread in a week or so
  9. *UPDATE* 1 week

    put the light closer, alot closer now. and reduced the watering abit. any advice? thanx

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  10. I have 35 seedlings, 200W CFL (aka 1kW equivalent), area is not much bigger than your small table.

    I see you use a real lamp while i just mounted the bare bulbs on a bamboo sticks matrix, but it will grow higher soon, and you need more light, and at a higher position.

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