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  1. Hello all. Having a go at my first indoor grow, pics attached. As per the norm couple of dramas arising. To start off 80x80x160 tent. 4"fans etc. Fan in tent. I'm running a 400w superveg bulb. Started from seed under cfls before stepping up. Lemon supreme and midnight kush. Both started in canna terra soil medium. Didn't start nutes till a month ago. Using AN connosuier grow ab along with sensizym all at half strength. I noticed

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  2. I would verify your PH, make sure the nutes aren't too high/low of PH to lock out all the micro/macronutrents. As a baseline, PH should be between 6-7 (but better if it leans a little towards 6.2, 6.4, etc...i.e. slightly acidic). If your PH reads way off the chart outside of 6-7..that might be your problem. You could also collect the water that drains from the pots, and test it and gauge the "ph buffer" the soil provides.

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