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    So heres the deal. I've been doing TONS of research on growing and feel that I have gained enough information to be able to make this happen. Yet, the fact still remains: This is my first time. Basically, I'd like to outline my plan, and see what some more experienced growers think, and what changes they might make. Any help would be appreciated!
    Grow Room:
    • My closet.
    • The area of my closet I will be using is ~3.5 X 3.5 ft. So just for ease I assume 1m<sup>2</sup>
    • Reflective Mylar to be hung around area.
    • Fan to keep room cool, and draw in outside air.
    • My first idea was to use a 400 watt light (both MH and HPS for their respective stages of growth) but the more research I do, and under the idea that I can never have too much light, I think I may need to get a 600 watt. Advice!
    • MH for Veg, HPS for Flowering
    • 18/6 for Veg
    • 12/12 for flowering
    • I went with a Feminized Cream Mandarin from Seedsman because of it's yields, flavor, and colors.
    • Also got a few OG Kush seeds.
    • How many do you think I could grow in this area?
    • Plan to water with nutrients as dirt becomes dry at the first inch or two down.
    • Going to handle this with 3" Carbon filter/fan set up.
    • Should also help with circulation!
    • May try to main-line, and use LST but nervouse to attempt this on my first grow. Depending on how many plants you guys think I can grow in this area, I may just try with one of the plants.
    • Using LST wether I main-line or not.
    • Going to drop temp. last few days of flowering to bring out flavor, color, and tricomb coverage.
    • Any other steps would be appreciated.
    Any extra information or changes to my plan for more experienced growers would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
    Grow Medium:
    After a little more reasearch I found that I completely neglected my grow medium. I stumbled upon Hempy's technique using a 3:1 (permite:vermaculite) medium, in his bucket, watering with nutes. I feel as though for a beginner like me, this method is simple, straight forward and should produce good results for my first few grows until I can find the best way to suit my specific grow.

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  2. 1. get the 600W, More light = more bud.
    2. never grow a single plant even from fem seeds. grow 4. A single plant gets ill and you get nothing and waste a whole bunch of time.
    When you get a grow or two throw the dirt outside and try hydro. you get 50% more in a couple weeks less time.
    The best advice is dont fuck with shit when its going good. They have water, the lights are on, leave them the fuck alone.
    Cannabis grew for thousand if not millions of years without us fucking with them.
    Good luck, if you have more questions fire away. :)
  3. Thank you so much for the quick reply! Definitely planning on going hydro after a few. Any experience with LST, or main-lining?
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    Oh yes, LST rocks the grow room, it does not make the plant suffer any set backs and can be done at any stage from a little seedling to a plant days from harvest.
    Im not a fan of any method that involves cutting off parts of a plant.
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    You said a fan to draw air in, more important is to get the stale air out. you have to think about that from the start.  As for the light why not get a dimmable ballast with 600 & 400 watt settings, best of both world's. Cheap 400w vegging, full power for flowering. It's what I'm using in similar space...
  6.  Take some extra time to think out your grow room temps and humidity.  600 watt or 400 have a lot of
    heat to disperse. Small spaces require a lot air motion.Even if you vent it, were is that heat going?
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    Well I figured that the right placement of the exit fan for the carbon filter, and the inlet fan would provide enough air movement. My set up would look something like this:
    |                                    |    Oulet fan
    |                              --->   ----------|''''''|-----|'''''''''''''''''''''|
    |                              --->   ----------|,,,|-----|,,,,,,,,,,,| Carbon Filter
    |  /|\\ /|\\                             |
    |   |   |         \\ |  / Plant       |
    |                  \\|/                 |
    |             ___|___              |
    |            |            |   <---    {  ] Inlet fan
    |            | ______|   <---    {  ]
    Arrows representing air movement. I figure the outlet at the top (heat rises) with the cool air from the bottom (which would warm, rise, and exit) would be sufficient for circulation of air and the removal of heat, I may be wrong, let me know! The door to the closet is more like a blind and allows plenty of air movemtn so it shouldn't be trapped.
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    Even if its a small space I'd still get a 6" clip fan to stir things up as well....
    Also its best to go filter-fan-out, not fan-filter. Where is the stale air going to go, on that set up straight back into the garden...
  9. Oh I see! Looks like I might need a duct/fan set up for the inlet!
  10. Get the air out of the room! Here's one way, a wall vent...

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  11. So the best option is to have the outlet run to a place that is seperate from the inlet all together. I have a few ideas, I do live in an apartment complex however so I'll have to get creative!

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