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  1. This is my first grow, both plants are bag seed. they are apx. just over a month old. I am concerned about if they are stunted, and the other concern is one of my plants has developed a couple brown/yellow spots. The one without spots was planted in a dead poinsetta plants soil and pot, the other is in miracle grow. i have 2 23 watt 5000k cfls, and 3 2700k cfls. If anyone could give me some tips advice etc id be greatly appreciated.
  2. id hazard a guess and say that they are over watered, over fertilised with nitrogen, and lacking in magnesium
  3. is that mold growing in the pot with the plants?
    and is there draining holes?
  4. Give a nice flush
  5. There are draining holes, and no it was like remnants of having hard water. today i actually finished my box and put my plants in new pots with organic soil. ill post pictures later ;P also i dont fert my plants so i doubt it is that
  6. Here are pictures of the completed box and whatnot. The above pictures contain the brown spots if anyone else has advice?
    I havent changed out the pots yet, got sidetracked today

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  7. nice box but u need them lights a little closer get some books or other small flat stuff to raise ur plants up and how hot does it get in there?
  8. what organic soil did u use or hopefully u made ur own but still u may still need nutes

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