First Grow, Advice Needed (Pics Incl.)

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    </div></div></div></div>This is my first grow in a GrowBox, 
    Size:2x2x5.3 feet
    3 plants in soil
    1 in hydro (still not in grow box as it is too young)

    The Plants: 
    Auto Red Poison : Soil grow, planted May 19th
    AR 1.JPG
    AR 2.jpg
    Blue God (regular) : Soil , planted May 19th
    BG 1.JPG
    BG 2.jpg

    Super Skunk(feminised): Soil, planted May 4, started on nutes last sunday 

    (GH nutrients followed the label in the back for amounts)

    SS (white powder).jpg

    Using 400W MH for vegging then will switch to 400W HPS for Flowering

    As I said previously, my grow chamber is 2x2x5.3 (Blackbox) 
    i am currently waiting on an inline fan 165 CFM to exhaust the room with(I am using a normal toilet ventilation fan now which is not enough so I have to keep the tent open when the lights are on so the heat doesnt get above 32degrees (stays around 27-28, humidity is around 50 reaching up to 70% max)
    I have a small fan pushing air in from outside but I'm going to get a fan and bring air from inside the house (cool air) , how much CFM should I get it , 100, 120? 

    When i get the inline fan, should i exhaust from inside the tent, through the reflector, and out?
    have like 3 other fans on inside to keep the tent cool.
    The problem i have is that my reflector is an open aluminum reflector which causes alot of heat.
    I'm waiting for my cousin to come from the states he's getting me the yield master II!prettyPhoto
    The growing soil I am using is organic soil my mom uses for her vegetables but I recently bought soil which has like 14-17-16 is that too much nutrients? 

    The Problem:If you could look at my leaves, the tips of the red poison have little white tips and on the Super Skunk there are like white spots or shades of white powder. I was misting them before daily using tap water. (also waiting on a ppm meter so cant tell if it is bad). I read that it could be Pwedery Mold and I want to make sure. 
    I've stopped misting as well and am only misting before I wake them up. 

    What I might have done wrong: 
    I was misting them with nutrient water as I thought once the first and second set of leaves emerged it would be ok (then I read I have to wait like 3 weeks, currently the Super skunk is on nutes the rest are on tap water).
    the soil I have kinda smells weird so I'm not too sure if it is good but the super skunk looks pretty healthy.

    Thank you for your time and could use all the advice I can get. 
    PS: sorry if I hijacked a thread or anything like that I'm new to this
  2. not sure about the white on the leaves, have you used soil from the back garden
    I can see what looks like a cricket and a grass hoper in the 3rd picture (red poison)
    not a good start if the soil full of insects.
    The yeild master looks to big for the room, you will not be able to move the hood up or down with the ducting on
    for the flower stage use the mh, this will keep the plants more short and bushy
    the hps will give you a better yeild but there's a high chance your plants will run out of space and burn under the light
    1 ft for the plant pots/roots
     24" for the hood and space between the canopy and light
    leaves about 30" max  for the plants
  3. Hey
    No i used soil from the bag(organic soil), the insect i basically killed and left it there. I have the box outside on a balcony but cant close it because itll get too hot so i have a eprforated sheet on the entrance and keep it open. 
    I was thinking of SOG but i have 2 autoflowers and 2 normal ones, so I dont know if I could do them all together. I'm gonna have to take in the super skunk and Blue God and put them in 6 hours of extra darkness since the autos use 18/6 all the way.
    Should I go MH all the way you're saying? also I'm gonna have once duct connected to the reflector with the fan outside so I should be able to lower it . 
  4. if the weathers good just plant the auto's outside as you can't flower auto's and normal in the same tent
    auto will start to flower round the 3-4 week from seed  under 12 hours to 24hours of light, 24hour will give you the highest yeild
    should be ready for havest in about 10 weeks from seed
    normal plants will only flower under 12 hours of light so flowering auto and reglar from seed will not give you a good yeild
    under 12 hours of light
    A 400w mh will give a good amount of lums/light  in you groom, if your groom was bigger say 3ft x 3ft x 6ft, the hps would be the best choice

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