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    This is my first grow attempt. I had to import EVERYTHING from back home as I am currently living overseas. I have a pc grow tower/case setup with LED lighting, planted 3 vision seeds brand autofem northern lights 3 days ago. My medium is soil purchased at a local shop labeled organic and watering with bottled water. After germination they have all broke ground but I am now very worried they are too close together and would love some advice or criticism. I was thinking to fabricate some dividers? The pens show where the other sprouts are in the pot since only one is large and visible in the pics. Let me know what you think!



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  2. forgot to mention, 2nd and 3rd sprouts are to the right of the pens. i would say they are about 4" from each other. i do not have anywhere else i can grow/transplant so my options are; leave them as is OR put in dividers so roots don't tangle OR kill off one or two (which i really want to avoid)
  3. so...made two slot dividers from cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil and placed them between the seedlings making 3 separate areas. hope it works :)
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    whats the law in bangkok?? they will be squashed in that small space and the roots will get tangled if i one pot.
    already there are problems dude. get them separate pots at least.
    dont use foil, if you do use dividers the roots will run out of space to grow.
  5. Here is the change with inserts added...thoughts?

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  6. that might be ok for a week or 2 max after that you would need to transplant
  7. Thanks for the comments. Should I wait a week to see which are strongest and transplant into their own container? Will do 1 at a time in the future but really hate tossing out a living, growing plant...what do you advise I do at this stage?
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    They are small enough that their root systems should be minimal, I would get a big spoon and scoop them into their own pots or cups.
    Actually now that I had a closer look at the pics, they probably only have the tap root right now which means it would be easier to separate them now instead of later. Something to think about!
  9. Pulled one, gave it to a friend and divided current setup to grow two with a divider. Will add more soil once they grow a bit more. Have them on 24/0 LED lights in the grow box. One of the sprouts had the seed shell stuck to it and I removed this morning. Leaves seem to be stuck together but I'm scared to mess w her...any advice? Thanks all.
  10. Don't mess with it.
  11. Day 6 from germinated seeds in soil and this is how my girls are looking...see what I mean on the second one stuck together? Should I leave her be? Also, I heard that the translucent box allows light and could kill roots...should I black it out with tape or something? Thanks!

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  12. You have the space in that cabinet for two pots. Definitely 2 gallons maybe even 3 gallons. I would suggest giving each girl her own space. Autos are on a self timer and if something goes wrong it can be difficult to recover from. It's a bad idea to grow in that container even if you made a divider. I would also add some perlite to that soil.

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