first grow...advice appreciated

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  1. Been a fan of the sticky for a long time and think it's finally my turn to give the grow a shot, but, not too sure how to start and i dont think my climate is great.(SE Michigan) Areas needing most help: seed choice and time of planting. prob gonna get my seeds online.


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    In mich your gonna have to wait a while to start. But when the time comes find a spot before anything even buying the seeds. Make sure the spot is secluded and hard to get to in a wooded area. Watch the spot for a while like go to it every once in a while look for evidence of what could be passing through your spot and try to find one with no evidence of people.

    Then go to a store and get one of those little Jiffy greenhouse things with the peat pellets that swell up when you wet them and a black tray with clear lid. get your seeds and germinate them in that and you will only have to worry about the seeds that germinate. then choose wat soil you want to use and plant the pellets in black plastic 3 gallon pots take to your spot cut out the bottom of the pots and bury up to the stem.

    Then just watch the weather and water and feed your plants as needed. always keep security on your mind.tell absolutly know one cause u never know who has a leaky mouth.

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